The Three Lies of Andrew Breitbart

John Cook · 06/09/11 03:54PM

Just kidding! Obviously there are many, many, many more lies. But a video released yesterday of Breitbart yucking it up with the folks at Opie and Anthony while passing around a photo of Anthony Weiner's cock—a rather cavalier little party trick that resulted in a photo-of-a-photo-of-a-photo of the cock shot seen 'round the world making its way on to Twitter and this here web site—exposes three. Let's take them in turn:

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/17/09 06:40AM

Super-publicist Peggy Siegal is turning 62 today. David Hasselhoff turns 57. Donald Sutherland is 74. Producer Mark Burnett is 49. Phyllis Diller is 92. Defense attorney Peter Neufeld is turning turns 59. Linda Gibbs, the Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services, is turning 50 today. Comedian Beth Littleford is 41. View producer Bill Geddie is turning 54. Lucie Arnaz, the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, is 58. Author and blogger Cory Doctorow is 38. And old-time TV host Art Linkletter turns 97 today. A list of people with birthdays this weekend—including Chace Crawford, Ian Schrager, and Steve Forbes—is below.

Even Shock Jocks Hate Tucker Max

ian spiegelman · 08/08/08 05:49PM

How much of a total assclown and liar is Tucker Max? Even shock jocks Opie and Anthony can't stand him. When he was first pitching his retarded tome, the boys got so fed up with his obvious fabrications about crapping and sexing that they decided to make Tucker the joke of the day. Watch and enjoy as O&A-ably assisted by comedian Jim Norton-pretend that the proto-douchebag's microphone keeps kicking out. Being a self-obsessed child, of course, Tucker never gets wise to the ploy and keeps trying to tell his story over and over. Video after the jump, plus a link to a NSFW clip of Opie destroying Tucker's book and throwing it against the wall in disgust.