After Jimmy Fallon, Is Kevin Rose's Buddy Act Over?

Owen Thomas · 03/12/09 03:02AM

Did you hear? Digg founder Kevin Rose was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday. As was Rose's forgettable Diggnation cohost — what's his name? Ah, yes — Alex Albrecht, who we hear wants out.

LinkedIn recommendation = you're fired

Owen Thomas · 10/27/08 04:00PM

The old way to tell you're about to be fired: Your boss comes up to you, claps you on the shoulder, and acts all chummy. The new way to tell you're about to be fired: Your boss leaves a glowing recommendation for you. Revision3's Damon Berger got one from CEO Jim Louderback five days before he was laid off from the online-video startup. Damon, you should have gotten a clue when Louderback wrote that you could be "a great front-person for any organization."

Digg meetup more like a concert in a land without women

Nicholas Carlson · 06/05/08 12:00PM

The line to get into Digg's meetup and live filming of Diggnation last night in Brooklyn went around the block. Inside, the joint was packed with dudes drinking beer, waving around iPhones, and wearing T-shirts. There were maybe like 10 or 15 women. Just as rare: Microsoft Zune users. Despite Microsoft's sponsorship, when Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback tried to give away Zune T-shirts, the crowd only booed. Julia Allison's entourage, Kevin Rose, and more in our photo gallery.

Revision3 CEO: Antipiracy group attacked our network

Owen Thomas · 05/29/08 10:40AM

Jim Louderback, the CEO of Revision3, is jumpin' mad. A denial-of-service attack brought down the online-video network over the weekend, and it wasn't the work of a freelance hacker with a distributed network of compromised machines, he writes in the company blog. It was, he says, the deliberate act of MediaDefender, an antipiracy consulting group which works to shut down file-sharing networks. Revision3 uses BitTorrent, a file-sharing protocol, to distribute its own content, and runs a "tracker" server to coordinate those downloads. All of this is quite legal. MediaDefender, it turns out, found a security hole in Revision3's server, and planted unknown files, possibly illegal copies on Revision3's servers, for their own purposes. It's not clear why, but whatever the motive, MediaDefender may have broken several laws in doing so.

Revision3's new face keeps it all in the family

Owen Thomas · 08/03/07 02:24PM

Click to viewMore than one tipster tells us that Patrick Norton is leaving Ziff-Davis's DL.TV, and, after a brief paternity leave, joining Revision3. DL.TV, of course, was the brainchild of Jumpin' Jim Louderback, the former PC Magazine editor who's now Revision3's CEO. And before Ziff-Davis, Louderback and Norton worked together at TechTV, where Norton was the host of the popular "Screen Savers" show — the same show that later birthed Revision3 cofounder Kevin Rose's career. It's not a surprising hire, but it should answer any remaining questions about how crushingly insular the world of online video is.

Jason Calacanis and Kevin Rose make nice for Om Malik

Megan McCarthy · 07/27/07 04:41PM

What on earth could bring together supposed mortal enemies Kevin Rose and Jason Calacanis? Why, Om Malik, of course. Rose is the founder of Digg, and Calacanis, the blowhard entrepreneur who created a Digg clone when he was an executive at AOL. But love has conquered all that. First, there's Malik, the cuddly tech blogger, a friend to all. And, perhaps more importantly, there's Malik's stunning cohost for his new Internet TV show, "The GigaOm Show." Lawyer-turned-videoblogger Joyce Kim, you see, is Calacanis's sister-in-law. Family trumps all. The four were among the stars at a launch party that Revision3, Rose's online-video company, threw for Malik and Kim Wednesday night in the tower of San Francisco's de Young Museum. (Revision3 is producing and distributing the show.) New Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback looks like a weatherman and talks extremely loudly. (My boss has nicknamed him "Jumpin' Jim Louderback.") After the jump, a gallery of photos from the glitzy affair.

Was Jim Louderback pushed? Or did he jump?

Owen Thomas · 07/11/07 01:18AM

Luckily, former PC Magazine editor Jim Louderback won't have to depend on renting out his Vermont vacation home for income. Revision3, the online-video startup founded by Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose, has hired him as its new CEO, a coup Adelson was bragging about at the recent Foo Camp. But we're not buying the spin Louderback's allies are peddling to NewTeeVee — that he jumped to Revision3 rather than getting pushed out of his plush perch at PC Magazine. Here's the evidence for both theories — and your chance to vote in a poll.Here's why: A source estimates his salary at $300K or higher, a big expense for a magazine losing ad pages left and right, and notes that he was commuting from the Bay Area to New York City for the job. That suggests he was pushed. On the other hand, online video is a hot market right now, and a San Francisco job is understandably more appealing — which suggests Louderback jumped. Update: For the record, Jim Louderback emails Valleywag, saying he jumped:

Megan McCarthy · 07/10/07 05:03PM

NewTeeVee's Liz Gannes is reporting that recently departed PC Magazine editor Jim Louderback will become CEO at video site Revision3, replacing the Sun Valley-bound Jay Adelson. Also, video personality Veronica Belmont has left troubled CNET to create video for Jason Calacanis's Mahalo. [NewTeeVee]

PC Magazine fires its editor

Owen Thomas · 07/10/07 03:15PM

Jim Louderback is out as editor-in-chief of PC Magazine; Lance Ulanoff, the magazine's reviews editor, is now in charge. Why the change? The cause seems obvious. Louderback, who helped launch the TechTV cable channel and launched Internet TV shows for PC publisher Ziff-Davis, but his multimedia experience wasn't enough to save his job — or PC's still-lucrative print business. Louderback, installed a year ago, presided over a disastrous 34 percent drop in advertising pages, according to Publisher's Information Bureau data. As for Ulanoff's hire, perhaps the reviews czar was deemed friendlier to the magazine's advertisers — though making PC's softball tech coverage softer yet seems like a challenge. Louderback, meanwhile, whose new job has yet to be announced, may have to live off the $900 week rental income from his vacation home in Vermont for a while.