Max Read · 07/01/13 08:01AM

Actor and martial artist Jim Kelly, best known as Williams in Enter the Dragon, has died.

Time Inc. Managing Editor Resigns

Ryan Tate · 03/12/09 11:27PM

After thirty years at Time Inc., Jim Kelly is stepping down as the magazine group's managing editor, according to an email he just sent out, reproduced after the jump.

Laurel Touby's Inability To Use The Internet Creates Mayhem

Choire · 12/04/07 10:00AM

Last night, Mediabistro founder Laurel Touby wonderfully displayed her utter inability to use email. (Once again, we question how this woman founded an internet company and sold it for $23 million.) Rebecca Fox, Mediabistro's managing editor, had sent out an email alert that News Corp. had bought Beliefnet.com. Rebecca did not bcc the email list—and so her boss Laurel replied to all. Which started a most unholy email chain!

Everything You Need To Know About 'Time'

abalk2 · 03/05/07 11:35AM

It's not just "Best of" week at New York. There's also a remarkably detailed report on Time magazine from Joe Hagan. If it's news to you that Time is in trouble you might want to read the whole thing; if not, we've distilled it to make note of the internecine power struggles and personal agendas that occasionally make a story like this worth reading. After the jump, your pre-chewed profile.

Media Bubble: 'Times' Pays Off Wen Ho Lee

Jesse · 06/02/06 05:00PM

• Five news orgs — including NYT — pay Wen Ho Lee $750,000 to settle his case. Which seems not a not entirely unreasonable amount after mistakenly being labled a nuclear spy. [NYT]
• CBS News Iraq reporter Kim Dozier now off respirator, breathing on her own. [CBSNews.com]
• Charlie Gibson thinks New York's Joe Hagan "is something of a snake" and will never talk to him again. Mind you, this is over a fluffy Q&A. [Chicago Defender]
• Best attack on Judy Miller ever: She could have prevented 9/11. [TAP]
Time loses Baghdad reporters; New York to lose dapper WSJer Matthew Rose. [NYP]
Time's Jim Kelly to take sabbatical, visit Statue of Liberty before starting new corporate gig. [MW]
GMA EP Ben Sherwood quits. Presumably he just couldn't bear not having Charlie Gibson's full attention. [Media Mob/NYO]

You Can Take the Drinks Cart Out of Time Inc.

Jesse · 05/17/06 11:20AM

We also got our hands on John Huey's staff memo announcing Rick Stengel's appointment as managing editor of Time, and, for the most part, it reads as a first-person version of the public press release. But there's one line, down near the bottom, the caught our eye:

Changes At 'Time': Finally. Maybe. Finally.

abalk2 · 05/16/06 12:43PM

Mediaweek reports that today's the day over at Time: "[M]anaging editor Jim Kelly dropped a big hint to staffers that they should be around for a 'pour' later today, according to Time insiders." Speculation over Kelly's replacement continues (Kurt Andersen finally gets his name mentioned by someone who isn't related to him!), but "the in-house favorite appears to be Priscilla Painton, who is a co-executive editor." Painton would be the first female managing editor of a newsweekly, which makes a lot of sense: You don't hand the important positions to the broads until they're not worth having any more. Seriously, apart from speculating about Time, does anyone spend any time actually, you know, reading it?

Media Bubble: Again With "Time" Magazine

abalk2 · 05/15/06 12:38PM

• Reporting the war in Iraq isn't exactly the cushy assignment you'd expect it to be. [NYM]
• Jon Friedman, Gawker reader, thinks it'll be tough for Time to toss Jim Kelly overboard. [Marketwatch]
• Mark Cuban prefers newspapers to the Internet. Particularly the ones that report on his billion dollar penis. [Blog Maverick]
• Simon Dumenco cracks wise about Suri Cruise, Rosie O'Donnell, and Shakira's hips (SPOILER: they don't lie). He doesn't care WHO he pisses off! You can catch more of Simon's cutting edge humor later this week at the HaHa Hut in Totowa, N.J. [AdAge]
New Republic editor says the magazine devoted an entire issue to the subject of Darfur because a) the situation calls for crusading journalism, b) TNR should be more assertive in its coverage, and c) there's only so many pages you can fill with slavish encomia to Joe Lieberman.[NPR]

John Huey Loves Caps Lock, Likes Jim Kelly

Jesse · 05/10/06 11:42AM

It's gotta be awkward when the editor you've been trying to ease out is the menschy star of the National Magazine Awards. So what do you do, Time Inc. EIC John Huey, to square that circle? Enthusiasm! Over-the-top, shouting enthusiasm:

Random Red-Bordered Rumor of the Day: Mike Elliot for 'Time' Topper?

Jesse · 05/04/06 04:34PM

Sure, it's still not entirely clear that Jim Kelly is leaving the helm of Time magazine anytime soon. And, sure, if he is in fact leaving it's not clear when he'll be leaving. But that hasn't stopped speculation about who'll be his potential successor. Here's a rumor, from a source who has at least a touch of an idea about what he speaks, that showed up in the inbox earlier today:

Media Bubble: Who Will Replace Jim Kelly (If, You Know, He's Going Anytime Soon)?

Jesse · 05/01/06 03:20PM

• Might John Huey poach Slate's Jacob Weisberg to run Time? Sure, maybe. Who knows? [Media Mob/NYO]
• Might John Huey poach Newsweek's Jon Meacham to run Time? Sure, maybe. Who knows? [MW]
• Stephen Colbert does not amuse Bush at White House Correspondents' Dinner. [E&P]
• Anderson Cooper's 60 Minutes segments will be shown on CNN, too. See, boys, there's Coop enough for all of us. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
• Rosie's View contract says she can't cut her hair. As will Keri Russell's next contract anywhere, if she ever works again. [Fox411]

'WWD': Jim Kelly Ain't Out the Door Yet

Jesse · 05/01/06 10:20AM

When Lowdown Lloyd Grove reported Friday on Time chief Jim Kelly's impending departure from the job, there was only one unequivocal parameter on its timing. Kelly, Grove wrote, "will give up his post sometime after next month's black-tie Time 100 dinner." Undoubtedly that's true — unless Kelly goes running for the exits in the next seven days, he'll definitely leave his gig sometime after the dinner. But when? Lloyd hinted it could be as early as June. But in today's WWD, Jeff Bercovici and Sara James canvass the Time & Life Building and come to a different conclusion. "Several Time insiders," they report, say Kelly will stick around through at least the Congressional elections in November. Further, Kelly recently signed a multiyear deal with Time Inc., so they're confident he'll stick around the company someplace. And, finally, Bercovici and James speculate there'll be a not-insignificant interval before Kelly moves on if only because there isn't an obvious contender to take over — and the WWDers suspect that Time Inc. EIC John Huey will break with tradition and bring in someone from outside the company. OK, so: Who? Got any good guesses on the next editor of Time? Let us know.

Gawker's Week in Review: Fake Writers Will Never Learn

Jessica · 04/28/06 05:40PM

• Harvard sophomore Kaavya Viswanathan gets spanked for plagiarizing her debut novel. Little, Brown enters shame spiral for having given an underage hack a two book, $500K deal — they cope by pulling her bestseller from the shelves.
People names its "beautiful people" and is rumored to have shelled out some $700K for access to the Brangelina.
• As Rolling Stone's 1,000th issue party draws near, some Wenner proles lament their lack of invites. At least RS staffers scored the golden tickets.
• Rosie O'Donnell is slated to replace Meredith Vieira on The View, ensuring that the show is a must-see for those looking for some morning show bloodlust.
Time's top dog Jim Kelly may be moving on as early as June. Oh, Santa, please don't go.
• In other speculative job changes, is Lloyd Grove considering ditching the Daily News for the Post and Page Six?
• Thank God it's spring — media softball is back, and just as mandatory as ever.
• You can see Anderson Cooper's memoir, but they'll have to kill you afterwards.
• Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff gets a new job at the 92nd Street Y, meaning that our consciences may finally rest. For now, anyhow.
• If there's one sort of error from the Post that we can never, ever forgive, it's misreporting the size of Bill Clinton's penis. This is America, people — knowing presidential cock is like knowing the Pledge of Allegiance.

Lloyd Grove: There Is No Santa

Jesse · 04/28/06 09:32AM

Interesting news today from Lloyd Grove. (Huh. That felt weird.) The Lloydster reports that Time's top editor, jolly Jim Kelly, will soon be leaving his post, perhaps as early as June. There's a non-denial from a Time Inc. flack ("Jim Kelly is very much in charge of charting the current and future course of Time magazine") and a non-denial from Jim, too ("I get job offers all the time, and if I'm offered a late-night TV hosting gig, I'm taking it"), and the combination of the two sort of seals it for us. Best we can tell, there aren't any late-night slots open right now, but we're confident Jim will land on his feet somewhere — maybe the vacant Time Inc. editorial director spot? maybe a cushy editor-at-large gig? But never mind his future. The more important question is ours. Will the new managing editor be as solicitous as Jim of the media press? One really hopes so. Bercovici needs his Scotch.

Media Bubble: Slow News on Good Friday

Jesse · 04/14/06 12:55PM

• Hachette looks to trim payroll costs (huh, feel like we've heard that before someplace); and Time's Jim Kelly throws a party for Joe Klein. [NYP]
• Feeling you haven't been reading enough memoirs lately? (And, really, don't we all feel like that?) Not to worry: There'll be twice as many next year. [WSJ]
• And the newspaper business continues to slowly die. [NYT]
• In new Howell Raines memoir, only two chapters of 43 are about the Jayson Blair saga. [E&P]
• Jann Wenner's longtime assistant is set to leave the company, and, remarkably for that shop, everyone likes her. [WWD]