Newsweek Editor-in-Chief: We Stand by Our Bitcoin Story

J.K. Trotter · 03/06/14 11:15PM

Newsweek isn’t backing down. Hours after publishing Leah McGrath Goodman’s 4,5oo-word profile of a 64-year-old Temple City engineer named Dorian S. Nakamoto—who, Goodman claims, is the long-mysterious inventor of Bitcoin—the magazine faced a cascade of evidence contradicting the ambitious cover story of its freshly revived print edition. Nevertheless, its editor-in-chief tells Gawker that the publication stands by the story.

abalk · 09/21/07 08:20AM

Portfolio managing editor Blaise Zerega takes the deputy editor slip vacated by the firing of Jim Impoco. Zeraga will work out of San Francisco, leading a source to tell the Post's Keith Kelly, "He's being called deputy but it doesn't look like he will have any serious management responsibilities. Have you ever heard of a deputy 3,000 miles away?" Zeraga will be replaced by New Yorker managing editor Jacob Lewis. Is this some kind of signal from Conde Nast about their continued confidence in Portfolio? Last week, we were told that Lipman wasn't really going to fill Impoco's position—writers expected that she would now take this opportunity to mess with people's copy more than ever, and that this was a sign of her complete inability to delegate and her inability to recognize, you know, actual writing. [NYO]

Will Jim Impoco Return To The 'Times'?

Doree Shafrir · 08/15/07 01:17PM

We hear that New York Times Business honcho Larry Ingrassia is trying to lure fired Portfolio deputy editor Jim Impoco (whose bio is still on Portfolio's website) back to his old Times home in Biz. That would be an interesting, if not entirely unpredictable, turn of events. (Where is there to work, anyway?) And they have something in common. When Ingrassia left the Wall Street Journal for the Times, one of the great benefits for him was getting away from Lipman.

Choire · 08/13/07 11:20AM

Late Friday, former Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald bailed out of Portfolio. The magazine's second issue arrives this week. We can only guess at Eichenwald's motivations, but it certainly came hot on the heels of the firing of Jim Impoco, the mag's non-lapdog deputy editor who dared to disagree with editor Joane Lipman. Who's going next? Weirdly, a number of people have called or emailed us to ask us what we think will happen in the long run, as if we know anything. Our prediction: Lipman goes jobless just before Christmas, but the mag doesn't fold. Because it shouldn't. If someone could actually edit it, and stop second-guessing every single story, it could be just dandy. Random bonus prediction: Before Labor Day, Lipman disposes of a key staffer. Better-informed speculation than ours welcome. [NYO]