Yahoo CEO Smacks Down Second Reporter

Ryan Tate · 05/28/09 01:30PM

Carol Bartz is on a rampage. First the Yahoo CEO delivered a "fuck you" to Kara Swisher of All Things Digital. At least that half-joking rebuke was somewhat cordial; today Bartz cut off CNBC's Jim Goldman with an icy "excuse me" at the start of an on-air smackdown.

Jim Goldman's Bad Intel

Owen Thomas · 01/21/09 02:28AM

CNBC, the cable business network, claims to have "policies and guidelines" that are "strictly followed." One of them appears to be presenting company flacks as secret "sources." Tech reporter Jim Goldman adheres to it religiously.

A Puffed-Up Reporter's Puffed-Up Sources

Owen Thomas · 01/19/09 11:58AM

CNBC tech reporter Jim Goldman blew the biggest story on his beat by insisting his "sources inside the company" said Apple's Steve Jobs was in tip-top shape. Do these sources even exist?

CNBC's 'State of Denial' on Apple CEO's Health

Owen Thomas · 01/14/09 07:52PM

After telling CNBC viewers for weeks that Steve Jobs is "fine," the network's Silicon Valley bureau chief Jim Goldman tried a novel experiment in journalism: Talking to a source who wasn't an Apple flack.

Steve Jobs Confesses: Too Sick to Work

Owen Thomas · 01/05/09 10:23AM

If you just look at how thin he is, you'd know it. But now Steve Jobs himself has admitted that his declining health is keeping him from taking the Macworld stage tomorrow.

CNBC's Jim Goldman is not "The Office's" Andy Bernard

Nicholas Carlson · 09/10/08 01:40PM

It's difficult to get an interview with Steve Jobs. When you finally get one, the temptation surely is to play nice in hopes that you'll get another. But did CNBC's Jim Goldman have to ask such sycophantic questions? After rattling off statistics straight from Apple PR, Goldman asks Jobs, "How surprising is it for you that Mac momentum continues to grow at this level at this time? I mean there's an enormous amount of longevity here." Goldman's slick business-suit looks and his suck-up tone immediately reminded me of one of Goldman's quasi-coworkers at NBC Universal — Dunder-Mifflin's Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms in NBC's "The Office." Check out the "Best of Andy Bernard" clip below and see if you agree.

Microsoft-Yahoo promises "everything" in the world, says Today Show

Nicholas Carlson · 02/02/08 08:00PM

On this morning's Today Show, Jim Goldman, CNBC's Silicon Valley bureau chief, said one thing is for sure: Microsoft will not kill the Yahoo brand. "This is one of the world's great brands," Goldman says. Instead, expect more social networking, "the whole idea of community or the idea of getting sort of a relationship — if you will — with the website. Sort of everything you want to do online or in the world you'll be able to do through Microsoft and Yahoo." OK, so that makes no sense. Great analysis, Jim.