Sean Hayes Is Back and Ready for (Gay) Action

Richard Lawson · 08/16/11 05:04PM

Jack from Will & Grace is working on a new TV show, about gay things. Also today: Jim Belushi is heading back to television, Bradley Cooper makes a wise decision, and there are too many Jeff Buckleys.

John Travolta Is Going to Rub You Out

Richard Lawson · 01/26/11 04:15PM

He's gonna do it. Maybe quickly, maybe slowly. Depends how he feels. But watch out, he's coming. Also today: lots of news about television, casting and pilots and stuff, as well as an update on that Will Smith Annie thing.

A Top Gun Sequel Sure Is a Good Idea

Richard Lawson · 10/14/10 03:50PM

Don't you think? Isn't it just such a grand a idea? Also today: You guys are all watching terrible TV, the next Twilight movie has a super random cast of vampires, and some misleading news about Sinbad.

Kevin James and Vince Vaughn, United in Schlub

Adrian Chen · 02/23/10 03:42AM

Schlubby actors Kevin James and Vince Vaughn schlub it up in a movie. Jim Beluschi will schlub it up in a a TV drama. The UK Doesn't like Alice in Wonderland. Trade Roundup: Safety glasses required beyond this point.

Tobes, I'm Thinkin' We'd Make A Great Buddy/Cop Movie Duo

Douglas Reinhardt · 04/21/08 04:15PM

Musician/actor Jim Belushi spent a majority of the Lakers' playoff game yesterday pitching Tobey Maguire various projects that Belushi has been developing. Belushi first pitched Maguire on a reboot of the K-9 franchise, which was followed quickly by a project where Maguire would be a cop from a foreign country and Belushi is a cop from LA and they have to team up to solve a major international crime. Belushi noticed that Maguire's attention was fading, so Belushi pulled out what he thought was his trump card, a project about a wacky married guy and his equally as wacky uncle trying to figure women out. Maguire paused for a moment and replied, "I'm sorry, you were saying something?"

Media Mole Rodeo: Glory Days of 'SNL' Pages

Chris Mohney · 12/14/06 10:50AM

The Media Mole Rodeo is fast reaching the final rounds, but we still want your precious, precious anecdotes. Send your worm's-eye NYC media stories to mole@gawker.com for a chance at free beverages — with alcohol! — to be enjoyed in the company of bitter Gawker types and the relentlessly upbeat Paula Froelich of Page Six. This morning's missive is another look at the NBC page program, specifically at Saturday Night Live. Prepare yourself for a very imbalanced ratio of minor-key interesting reminiscence versus goopy nostalgia and coming-of-age treacle. You be the judge if the nip slip cancels out the Tangerine Dream, but at least there's drugs.

David Cross vs. Jim Belushi Stage Crash

Chris Mohney · 10/02/06 08:10AM

Who can truly claim to know the ultimate origin of David Cross's hatred of Jim Belushi? Is it one comic's disdain for another's hackery? Does Cross feel it necessary to defend the deceased John Belushi's comedic legacy from his brother Jim's tomb raiding? Or is it just a specious vendetta created for the sake of awkward tragic theater? In any case, enjoy the above clip of Cross crashing the stage during a set by Jim Belushi's Blues Brothers rip-off band. Cross's nimble little douche-dance and gaping grin pretty much say it all.

Catwoman-Belushi Feud Ends

Seth Abramovitch · 01/11/06 06:21PM

Perhaps the greatest celebrity neighbor feud of our generation, between an overweight, wisecracking ABC sitcom dad (Jim Belushi, we think), and one of the aging actresses who played Catwoman on the 1960s Batman TV series (Julie Newmar, but again, don't quote us) has finally come to a happy, made-in-Hollywood ending: