Your Inauguration 2013 Yearbook

Robert Kessler · 01/21/13 05:50PM

Today Washington, D.C. was all atwitter with the graduation of President Obama from first-term president to second-term president. Here is your Inauguration 2013 yearbook.

Delightful NASCAR Fans Boo Michelle Obama

Max Read · 11/20/11 04:28PM

First Lady Michelle Obama was a NASCAR Grand Marshal at today's Ford 400 (so was her sidekick, Second Lady Jill Biden), so she naturally received a warm welcome from patriotic NASCAR fans. Kidding! She got booed.

Barack Obama Made More Money Than You Did Last Year

Jim Newell · 04/18/11 02:18PM

The White House has released Barack and Michelle Obama's 2010 tax returns! These grifters really cashed in, too: $1,728,096 in adjusted gross income, mostly from book royalties. How much did you poor slugs make last year in the last remaining American profession, selling handjobs outside the T.G.I. Friday's? Probably not $1,728,096 in adjusted gross income! We need a fellow poor guy like Donald Trump in the Oval Office, soon.

Joe Biden Is Relaxing on the Beach Today

Jim Newell · 08/06/10 01:31PM

What's Joe Biden doing right now? He and Jill Biden are taking in some sun at Cryder Beach in Southampton, according to a tipster who generously sent along a few photos of the shirtless Vice President under a beach umbrella.