A Brief List of the Jewish People Donald Trump Loves

Jordan Sargent · 07/06/16 07:01PM

Tonight in Cincinnati, Donald Trump delivered a speech during a rally in Ohio that was unhinged even by his own standards. One topic of particular fixation was the controversy over the anti-Semitic-y tweet sent out by his campaign this past weekend.

GOP Pandering at the Republican Jewish Coalition, Ranked

Ashley Feinberg · 12/04/15 12:42PM

Most of the 14 (??) remaining GOP candidates congregated in Washington yesterday to put themselves at the mercy of the Republican Jewish Coalition. It was a spectacular display of men (and Carly Fiorina) who generally devote a lot of energy to convincing people that they are deeply Christian competing to answer one, important question: Who can pander to Jews the hardest?

Nazi Germany's "Perfect Aryan" Baby Was Jewish

Andy Cush · 07/02/14 09:23AM

In the 1930s, the Nazi party began issuing propaganda featuring the image of a "perfect Aryan" child. If you were looking to build a master race of adorable white people, you could do a lot worse: Hessy Taft, the model, had round eyes, a charmingly surprised expression, and a perfectly tousled tuft of dark hair on her head. She was also Jewish.

Huh. There Are Jews in Burma?

Adam Weinstein · 04/30/14 02:10PM

Yes: 22, to be exact. But now that the military dictatorship is "liberalizing," they're coming back, baby! Their de-facto leader is a young U.S.-educated entrepreneur named Sammy Samuels:

Christians Try to Convert Jews With Video of Jesus as Holocaust Victim

Adam Weinstein · 04/18/14 03:45PM

Happy Passover! Here's "That Jew Died for You," a bizarre video depicting Jesus on his way to a gas chamber in a Nazi death camp with some Polish Jews. It comes from Jews for Jesus, an evangelical group that aims to convert Hebrews in apparently the most off-putting way possible.

Pat Robertson: Jews Don't Fix Cars, They're Busy Polishing Diamonds

Jay Hathaway · 03/31/14 04:02PM

"What is about Jewish people that make (sic) them prosper financially?" asks conservative televangelist and hoverer-near-death Pat Robertson. His answer? Jews don't fix their cars or mow their lawns, which leaves them more time for their primary occupation: Polishing diamonds.

The Best Restaurant in New York Is LOX at The Jewish Museum

Caity Weaver · 03/27/14 12:40PM

There are a bunch of restaurants in the world, including some in New York City. But in a city of over 24,000 restaurants, how do you find the best? You begin your search in places that are already popular: New York's hottest tourist destinations. In The Best Restaurant in New York Is, writers Caity Weaver and Rich Juzwiak attempt to determine the best restaurant in New York.

Adam Weinstein · 03/05/14 05:19PM

Michele Bachmann herp a derp derp derp derpity herpy derp the Jews herp herp derpy derpaderp Obama. Derp?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/03/13 03:54PM

"I was left with an inescapable conclusion: Jews don't hunt."