A Brief List of the Jewish People Donald Trump Loves

Jordan Sargent · 07/06/16 07:01PM

Tonight in Cincinnati, Donald Trump delivered a speech during a rally in Ohio that was unhinged even by his own standards. One topic of particular fixation was the controversy over the anti-Semitic-y tweet sent out by his campaign this past weekend.

Which Hanukkah Article from The New York Times Will Your Mom Email You?

MTanzer · 12/09/12 11:37AM

The New York Times' list of most emailed stories is the Times' favorite barometer for what's buzzing on the web. Certain things always seem to float to the top of the list, no matter if the content in the articles is actually good or not: all of Maureen Dowd's columns, stuff about summer camp, and anything that has to do with being Jewish.

Go the Fuck to Sleep for Jews Now Exists

Maureen O'Connor · 06/29/11 03:39PM

Yesterday, reactionary parent-types lamented satirical children's book Go the Fuck to Sleep as a work of violent bigotry, imploring, "Imagine if this were written about Jews, blacks, Muslims or Latinos."

Stephen Colbert Becomes a Jew for Lent

Matt Cherette · 03/09/11 11:50PM

On tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert—with his forehead still adorned with ash—decided that he'd give up Catholicism for Lent. Interesting! Then, Colbert decided to take up Judaism. And then, he gave up "not eating bacon" for Jewish Lent.