Grownup Website Editor Throws Twitter Tantrum Over His Bracelet

Sam Biddle · 04/13/15 10:00AM

If you've never heard of Nilay Patel then here's what you need to know: He runs The Verge, a large, successful tech website where he last week posted a nearly 7,000-word review of the Apple Watch (for which he also shaved his forearm, for the video portion). You'd think he'd be a pretty secure man. But last night, he became publicly upset because other adults were laughing at his jewelry.

Your Giant Engagement Ring Looks Fucking Stupid, Jennifer Aniston

Drew Magary · 10/08/12 03:15PM

Oh hey, here's a picture of Jennifer Aniston rocking a zillion-carat engagement ring that her fiance, Justin Theroux, "gave" her. Though I assume Aniston bought the ring herself six years ago and stashed it in a safety deposit box until the day she finally found a man who could properly pull off being dressed like a 1930s fighter pilot. This is a big rock. A huge rock. A very expensive, obnoxious, stupid fucking rock.

A Jewelry Store in Brooklyn Is Selling Swastika Earrings

Brian Moylan · 01/10/12 03:10PM

An eagle-eyed reader snapped a picture of these earrings that are for sale at the Bejeweled store (think a busted version of Claire's) on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They are swastikas. There was only one pair left.

Courtney Love Owes $100K for Jewelry She Never Returned

Brian Moylan · 10/18/11 05:21PM

A New York judge ruled that walking Twitter feud Courtney Love owes Jacob & Co. (the company started by Jacob the Jeweler) more than $100,000 for jewelry she borrowed to wear to a charity event that she never returned. Do you think she pawned it off?

A Quick Tour of Elizabeth Taylor's $30 Million Jewelry Collection

Brian Moylan · 09/07/11 12:25PM

The interest in late screen legend Elizabeth Taylor's sparkling hoard of diamonds, rubies, and every other precious stone known to man was renewed today when Christie's announced it would be selling all 300 items (estimated to be worth $30 million) in December. Here are some of the highlights, so you can pick out which of the pieces you'd like to bid on.

How Did Newt Gingrich Get Such a Sweet Deal at Tiffany's?

Jim Newell · 05/25/11 12:21PM

Perhaps the opposition researchers who dumped that story about Newt Gingrich's $250,000-$500,000 "revolving charge account" at Tiffany & Co. only wanted people to make fun of his gilded lifestyle, but it also raises more concrete, scandalous questions. Namely: Why would Tiffany's give the Gingriches a no-interest credit account?

Costco's $1 Million Diamond Ring · 04/11/11 08:27PM

Next time you're at your local Costco, you know, buying that 5 lb. box of Swedish Fish, stocking up on frozen shrimp, maybe trying on wedding dresses, and ogling the cut-price flatscreens, maybe you want to pick up a diamond ring while you're at it—a $1 million diamond ring. Yup.

Watch a Granny Beat Would-Be Robbers with Her Purse

Matt Cherette · 02/07/11 11:09PM

And the award for Badass of the Day goes to... this red-coated English granny, who scared off a group of would-be jewelry store robbers in the English town of Northampton by hitting them with her giant purse. Get it, girl.