Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/13 02:08PM

The U.S. Air Force's F-35 fighter jet, which is still in development, is projected to cost us $1.4 million per hour for the next 25 years.

Take a Tour of Donald Trump's Horribly Gaudy New Jet

Brian Moylan · 08/18/11 02:57PM

Donald Trump bought himself a gold-plated 757 so that he can cruise around the country and pretend like he's running for president in a desperate attempt to remain in the spotlight. Knowing how much everyone in America cares about the details of his private air fleet, Trump posted a video tour of the monstrosity on YouTube. Let's check it out.

Warning: Incoming Football

Adrian Chen · 01/23/11 03:31PM

A heads up for all you non-football fans: There will be a highly-anticipated match tonight at 6:30 pm between the Steelers of Pittsburgh and the Jets of New York. Best to steer clear of bars, Pennsylvania and Twitter tonight.

Inside the Private Planes of Arms Dealers and Heads of State

Max Read · 08/18/10 01:50AM

There's "flying first-class" rich. And then there's "I own the damn airplane" rich. For three decades, photographer Nick Gleis has been capturing the spaceship-like interiors of planes owned by the second category—from arms dealers to heads of state.

Taranis Morissette

Max Read · 07/14/10 12:03AM

[The Taranis, a prototype unmanned military jet, was unveiled Tuesday by the UK Ministry of Defense. The jet will be controlled by a ground crew, until it gains intelligence and murders us all. Pics via AP. Click through for more.]

What Happened to Larry King's Private Jet?

Adrian Chen · 03/04/10 09:51PM

Imagine being so rich that world events literally could not affect you. This is Larry King's life, basically. Today King flew commercial for the first time since 9/11. He was surprised how much things had changed. King got groped. Why?