JetBlue Shoots, Scores

cityfile · 03/20/09 12:10PM

Lots of companies have been trying to milk the financial crisis and/or stories of corporate fraud for maximum publicity gain. Few, though, have pulled it off as successfully as JetBlue has with its new ad campaign. After the jump, the commercial that debuted earlier this week featuring a sleazy CEO touting flights to "cities where you already own homes or hide money," and service to DC "so you'll never be late to a Congressional hearing."

Sarah Palin's Campaign Plane Returns to New York

cityfile · 11/06/08 01:18PM

Sarah Palin says she plans to return the six-figure wardrobe that got her into so much trouble in the run-up to the election. But she's already had to part ways with another campaign perk: the plane that jetted her around the country over the past couple of months. The Embraer E190 that the McCain campaign leased from JetBlue to fly the Wasilla hillbillies from place to place touched down in Anchorage yesterday to deposit the governor in her home state. It's now on its way back to New York where it will be stripped of its McCain/Palin logo and rejoin JetBlue's fleet of jets based at JFK. At least now there's a very good explanation if you happen to come across a Neiman Marcus shopping bag stuffed under your seat.

Eating at JFK, Wagyu Beef, and a Peek at Archipelago

cityfile · 09/23/08 02:33PM

♦ A look at the restaurants inside JetBlue's new terminal at JFK. [Eater]
♦ Masaharu Morimoto explains why why Wagyu beef is so special. [GS]
♦ Photos of Archipelago, the new Japanese-French restaurant by Hisanobu scheduled to open on Monday. [GS]
♦ Don't get too excited about a Sam Talbot restaurant in Chelsea just yet. [Eater]
♦ A sneak peak at the Trader Joe's in Brooklyn. [Urbanite]
♦ Hearst and MSN launched new food site today called [PRN]
Martha Stewart's staff tasted the 14 best hot dogs they could get their hands on. Nine of them hailed from New York. [Martha Stewart]

JetBlue Sneak Peek

cityfile · 08/25/08 02:29PM

Jaunted has some video of the new JetBlue terminal at JFK, which will open to the public in October. [Jaunted]

Staff Uniforms: Designers' Dirty Little Lucrative Sideline

cityfile · 08/19/08 03:01PM

Thompson LES, the latest addition to Jason Pomeranc’s hotel franchise, recently opened its shiny doors. (Well, prematurely half-opened: Before you book a room or head over for a drink, bear in mind that the pool, outdoor bar, and restaurant are still under construction.) The luxe lodge's rooms are equipped with mini-bars stocked by Dean and Deluca, Sferra linens, and Frette robes. But most importantly, guests won't be offended by badly-dressed staff, thanks to their Rogan Gregory-designed uniforms. But Gregory, who collaborated with Bono on the eco-friendly clothing line Edun, is far from the first designer to cash in by dressing the help. Employees at other swanky hotels, waitstaff at restaurants, athletes, and even the Boy Scouts can boast of high-end names on their uniforms' labels. For example:

JetBlue's Wi-Fi crashes on way to San Francisco

Nicholas Carlson · 12/11/07 01:20PM

Like one of those brave chimpanzees NASA sent to space before humans, CNET's Caroline McCarthy today took to the heavens aboard the inaugural flight of "BetaBlue," JetBlue's new onboard Wi-Fi service. It's supposed to allow passengers access to email and IM via their BlackBerrys and Yahoo accounts.

JetBlue puts crappy, restricted Wi-Fi on some planes

Jordan Golson · 12/06/07 07:41PM

JetBlue is starting to enable its planes with Wi=Fi. Come Tuesday, you'll be able to check your email and IM while in the air — if you use Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger or a Wi-Fi-enabled Blackberry. No iPhone? No Gmail? Count me underwhelmed. Just let me use any Wi-Fi device to surf the Web and check email and I'll be happy. Until then, why bother with this nonsense? At least it's free, and a beta. I'm holding out for a 1.0 — or Virgin's promised Wi-Fi, with added Xeni Jardin. (Photo by AP/Rick Maiman)

Virgin America kicks off service to San Francisco

Photos by Randal Alan Smith for Valleywag · 08/09/07 03:23PM

There's nothing sexy about air travel today, and despite Virgin founder Richard Branson's best efforts, we really don't think Virgin America's new service is going to change that. But lower airfares between JFK and SFO? That sounds superhot to us.

Our Readers Are Cooler Than We Are

Jesse · 04/05/06 05:52PM

We spent our Sunday recuperating from a hangover, ordering in some bacon and eggs, and catching up on TiVo'd TV. A reader meantime, spent three hours on a JetBlue plane next to Anderson Cooper. Cathy, to whom the above boarding pass is inscribed, is our current hero. (Our beloved Anderson, on the other hand, needs a course in penmanship.)