Taylor Berman · 05/05/15 03:51PM

Great news for Yankee imperialists too lazy to travel to Florida: Starting in July, JetBlue will offer a direct charter flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Havana.

Hindu Man Mistaken for Muslim Refused Service by JetBlue

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/23/13 11:40AM

New York-based data scientist Aditya Mukerjee admits that his physical appearance regularly ensures that he'll get hassled by airport security, but none of his past experiences with being "randomly selected" could have prepared him for the nightmare that ensued following a standard TSA pat-down earlier this month.

Insane JetBlue Pilot Ruled Insane, Found Not Guilty

Taylor Berman · 07/03/12 07:08PM

Last we heard from Clayton Osbon, the disturbed JetBlue pilot who attempted to take down his own plane while yelling probably reasonable things about al-Qaeda and Jesus, his wife was somewhat defending him, saying his actions were not "intentionally violent." Now, in not-so-surprising news, a judge has ruled the 49-year old legally insane and therefore not guilty of of interfering with a flight crew, charges which could have lead to 20 years in jail.

Carson Daly Clinging to the Spotlight with Strange Gay Jokes

Leah Beckmann · 03/29/12 09:28AM

Carson Daly made some poor choices this week. Daly used Tuesday's JetBlue pilot meltdown as fodder for his radio show, telling listeners: "if that were me... with my luck, it would be like, 'This is the flight going to the [gay] pride parade in San Francisco…Uh, we're headed down to Vegas for the floral convention.'" A regular cut-up, this guy. No wonder he is so good at—

JetBlue Urinator's Olympic Dreams Have Trickled Away

Jeff Neumann · 08/12/11 06:38AM

Of course the New York Post followed the guy who peed on a sleeping 11-year-old during a JetBlue flight all the way up to his parents' home in Vermont yesterday, where the reporter was greeted with, "We have no comment, nothing to say" from his mother. The paper notes that the pisser and his mother were unloading skis and luggage. As it turns out, 18-year-old Robert "Sandy" Vietze is one of the top young alpine skiers in the country and is listed on the US Ski Team's Development Team roster. Until yesterday, that is.

No Planned 9/11 Anniversary Specials, Says JetBlue

Seth Abramovitch · 07/31/11 10:39PM

Corporate Twits is an internet jokester whose shtick is to send prank tweets to corporate Twitter accounts, then post their responses to his Tumblr. Usually, they are very friendly and apologetic (like this exchange between Applebees and a supposedly obese woman who was reserved service). But a bad-taste tweet to JetBlue about 9/11 anniversary specials went a little too far in the friendly direction, earning a bizarrely sincere response from the airline. So, stay posted, I guess?