Save the Date: Jesus Is Coming in May!

Jeff Neumann · 12/02/10 07:29AM

This time, it's really happening. On May 21 of next year, Jesus Christ shall swoop down from the heavens on a white steed to snatch up all True Believers. That's right — the Rapture is coming! Where do you stand?

John Boehner's Next Target: Ant-Covered Jesus (Updated)

Jim Newell · 11/30/10 06:08PM

Reps. John Boehner and Eric Cantor, the two leading House Republicans, have issued a warning to the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery: Take down that exhibit where Jesus is covered with ants, or face "tough scrutiny" next year. [Update below]

Christmas Looking More Godless Than Ever

Hamilton Nolan · 11/10/10 11:03AM

The annual godless atheist humanist War on Christmas starts just as early as the Corporate American Christmas Season, and with equal fervor. For at least the third straight year, atheists have chosen to assault god-fearing Americans, with advertisements. Godless advertisements.

World's Biggest Jesus Statue Is Finally Complete

Jeff Neumann · 11/06/10 12:20PM

A small Polish town today has finished building what they claim is the largest Jesus statue in the world, even bigger than Rio's Christ the Redeemer. New Jesus is 167 feet tall, while Rio's stands at 125 feet. Pics inside!

This Bible Amusement Park Will Let You Walk on Water with Jesus

Maureen O'Connor · 11/04/10 05:50PM

Ever wish you could see the Passion of Christ in real life, with a bloodied, shackled Jesus? Dream of high-fiving Jonah inside a whale's large intestine? Lucky you: America's foremost Biblical amusement park is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Baby Gets the Holy Spirit

Hamilton Nolan · 10/26/10 12:56PM

Here is an odd, elderly-looking (2,000 year-old?) baby in church, dancing as if possessed by the Jesus Spirit. Give that baby a cigarette and tape it to a wall, it'll be the biggest thing on the internet!

Nothing Is More Sacrosanct Than Tax Breaks

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/10 03:56PM

The Way We Live Now: less like a rich mom and more like a poor mom. Less like a dream realized and more like a dream deferred. Less like Jesus. More like a renegade tax man, out for justice.

Study: Atheists Know the Most About Religion

Hamilton Nolan · 09/28/10 09:58AM

Like most religious people, Americans are breathtakingly ignorant. We already knew we were ignorant about science and other factual matters, of course—but it turns out we're equally ignorant about religion! Except for the atheists.

Anti-Bullying Policies are a Gay Conspiracy, Says Mega Church

Jeff Neumann · 08/31/10 06:50AM

Ultra-conservative Christian mega business ministry Focus on the Family wants all these gay people to stop talking about child bullying, because they're pushing a secret agenda to turn America's kids into homosexuals, and that is not what Jesus intended.

Meet The Dog-Faced Man Howling About Jesus

Erica Hyman · 08/19/10 02:41PM

There aren't a lot of good things about Red Eye. This clip of a man with his face painted like a dog that sings about his love for Jesus is worth watching, if only for the howling midway through.

Jesus Barely Even Concealing His Miracles

Hamilton Nolan · 08/16/10 03:55PM

Some things are small miracles, like a child's smile. And then there are big miracles, like when a stolen fragment of the True Cross is returned by a mysterious transient, who disappears. How in-your-face does Jesus have to be? Jesus.