Slipknot Guitarist Stabbed in the Head By His Own Brother

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/11/15 09:30PM

In what can only appropriately be described as a heavy metal fight, the lead guitarist of Slipknot was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after his own brother stabbed him in the head with a knife.

Dirtbag Family Teaches Six-Year-Old "Stranger Danger" By Kidnapping Him

Aleksander Chan · 02/06/15 11:45AM

In a disturbing lesson about not talking to strangers, a six-year-old boy was forced to endure four terrifying hours of being "kidnapped" by his family members. The boy's mother, aunt, and grandmother allegedly conspired with a gas station employee to abduct the child, hold him at gunpoint, and threaten to sell him into sex slavery.

SiriusXM Host Claims "Cuntrag" Assaulted Him in Racist Twitter Rant

Aleksander Chan · 07/02/14 09:43PM

Anthony Cumia, one half of the SiriusXM's comedy show The Opie & Anthony Show, claims to have been assaulted by a woman in Times Square Tuesday. According to his Twitter feed, he was apparently trying to take photos of the area when the woman was caught in the frame. When she objected to being in the photos, she allegedly starting punching him. He responded by calling her a cunt. Cumia then took to Twitter—for hours—for a racist, violent tirade.

America Will Now Be Entertained By Bible Sequels

Ken Layne · 08/30/13 04:00PM

All the good superheroes are used up, so the next fun entertainment for Americans will be various sequels and spinoffs from the Holy Bible. A lot of Americans still claim to believe in the Christian religion: 77 percent say they still follow the breakaway Jewish sect, which remains a huge demographic even if it's down considerably from its 90 percent market penetration a half century ago.

Today in Child Abuse by Religious Leaders

Jordan Sargent · 01/22/13 10:03PM

It would be really nice if there was no use for this headline, but here we are. Men in power at religious institutions can still be gross, awful, perverted people — though that often seems to be inherent to "men in power."

This Pastel of Jesus Holding Whitney Houston's Face Could Be Yours

Max Read · 03/28/12 02:31PM

"Musical Phenominal Whitney- The light of Christ shines upon Whitney Houston and she is new again and at peace," writes artist Jeffry Lynne Hawk. "I felt so moved to draw this picture of Whitney in the hands of Jesus to make a statement that God can forgive all those who turn to him. Whitney was once a beautiful song bird who lost her way, but will sing again for her Father in Heaven." This 18" x 24" pastel can be yours for only $300.00.

World's Biggest Jesus Statue Is Finally Complete

Jeff Neumann · 11/06/10 12:20PM

A small Polish town today has finished building what they claim is the largest Jesus statue in the world, even bigger than Rio's Christ the Redeemer. New Jesus is 167 feet tall, while Rio's stands at 125 feet. Pics inside!

Pinks to High Heaven

Max Read · 10/06/10 03:06AM

[The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was lit up in pink on Tuesday to raise awareness of the Pink Panther movies. No, wait, breast cancer. To raise awareness of breast cancer. Pic via AP.]

Save the Date: Jesus Coming Back May 21, 2011

Max Read · 07/28/10 01:05AM

An unemployed woman in Colorado Springs spent $1,200 on 10 bus bench ads heralding Christ's return on May 21, 2011. "There are things... I always wanted to do," she said. "But it's not about what I want." [Gazette]

Christians Super Pissed about Possible Jesus Penis

Max Read · 04/16/10 02:07AM

Is that a distended abdomen, or are You just happy to see me, Lord? Oklahoma churchgoers are not very pleased with a new crucifix that appears to grant Jesus a rather sizable dick. Crucifixion? More like "Cruci-dick-tion," am I right?