How Not To Bone Your Interns

Ryan Tate · 09/24/09 07:26PM

Attention media bosses: The summer has ended and your intern guard has changed. But maybe there's one apprentice you'd like to keep, hmmm, providing regular "feedback" to? Jessica Wakeman has been that intern, and she has some tips.

Dear Loser: You'll Never Be A Pick-Up Artist

Ryan Tate · 02/14/09 05:00PM

Sure, other writers have gone to seduction classes undercover. But how many were female? And how many told their male classmates they'll always be "schlubby" beta males?

HuffPo Blogger Wonders Where the Ladies Are

Pareene · 04/10/08 11:18AM

According to her bio, Jessica Wakeman is "an associate blog editor at Huffington Post." We are not really sure what that means except that she writes totally adorable blog posts about media and all the people in media who she loves, like a little Rachel Sklar. Last time we checked in, she was distraught to learn that to "make it" in New York, "you need a strategy." Her mentor Vanessa Grigoriadis told her! Gosh! Wakeman decided she better stick with the web, a safe space for earnest and sincere young women, where Wakeman can work on writing about important cultural things, like her idol Vanessa or "Ariel Levy or Emily Nussbaum." Today, Wakeman is a little bit upset at her favoritest magazine ever!