Local Mail-Order Bride Makes Good on 'Oprah'

Adrian Chen · 01/14/10 10:07PM

Did we not tell/warn you that New York-based Ukrainian mail-order bride Lera Loeb would conquer all media? Yesterday, she and her husband were on 'Oprah' to talk about their weird marriage.

Radar Posthumously Funds Trip to Palin's Hometown

Sheila · 10/29/08 09:30AM

What to do if you have a magazine assignment, but the mag folds days before you're scheduled to leave for freaking Alaska? If the trip's already paid for, you go anyway and hope to shop the resulting piece to another publication. That was the case with Jessica Pilot (of the infamous "Hipster Hooker" story) and Radar. "It was purchased on [editor] Maer [Roshan's] card, so I guess I'm good to go," she told us.First order of business in Wasilla: a good old-fashioned house party.