30 startup ideas Y Combinator wants to fund

Nicholas Carlson · 07/21/08 05:20PM

Y Combinator partners Jessica Livingston and Paul Graham only married in June, but they're ready to start popping them out. More $6,000 checks to fund startups, that is. Together with not-married-to-each-other partners Trevor Blackwell and Robert Morris, the pair put out a 3,000-word list of 30 "Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund." Sure, a lot of them are obvious, most already done — but the Y Combinator version, with Graham's seal of approval, has a better chance than your run-of-the-mill startup of getting quickly flipped to a gullibly starstruck buyer. A version you'll be able to finish before this fall's application deadline, below.

Reddit cofounder blabs about Y Combinator founders' secret wedding

Owen Thomas · 06/02/08 03:40PM

We'd heard in April that Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston, the pair behind startup factory Y Combinator, were partners in love as well as life. The two tied the knot over the weekend, Twittered Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, a graduate of Y Combinator: "Sorry ladies, PG said 'I do' - 'twas a great wedding." We're sure it was — anyone have pictures — or insights into why the two have been so secretive about their romance?

Yahoo millionaire Paul Graham secretly engaged to Jessica Livingston

Jackson West · 04/14/08 03:20PM

Commenters on Hacker News, a Web discussion board, got their panties in a bunch over the weekend over whether to ban stories from Valleywag from the site. The move netted the otherwise obscure site, mostly frequented by graduates of Paul Graham's Y Combinator startup incubator, some coverage from Michael Arrington on TechCrunch. It also netted us a tipster who let us know Hacker News founder Graham, best known for flipping an e-commerce startup to Yahoo more than a decade ago, was engaged to longtime lover Jessica Livingston, author of Founders at Work.

Yahoos and hacks clutter The Lobby

Megan McCarthy · 10/25/07 06:24PM

Really, we're confounded. David Hornik's Lobby conference is ostensibly an invite-only affair. But some of the attendees had us scratching our head. Spotted, Yahoo's Bradley Horowitz, Brad Garlinghouse and Kiersten Hollars enjoying some sun instead of participating in Jerry Yang's 100-day turnaround of the company. Then there's Jessica Livingston and Paul Graham from Y Combinator. There's nary a 22-year-old wantrepreneur in sight, so what's the draw of this conference for them? Other inexplicables: Kara Swisher from AllThingsD, and TechCrunch heavyweight Michael Arrington, two notoriously gossipy hacks. Wasn't this event supposed to be off the record? And does Arrington even know what that means? (Photo by bradley23)