Coen And Oxfeld, Together Again

abalk · 07/23/07 11:50AM

The bizarre Gawker colonization of (or assimilation by!) New York magazine continues. Following in the footsteps of founding editor Elizabeth Spiers, who spent a year at the magazine, and her former Gawker co-editor Jesse Oxfeld, who was recently booted upstairs to the position of senior editor, Jessica Coen, most lately of Vanity Fair's website, is taking a position as New York Senior News Editor, managing their ever-growing online presence. (Forty-something staff and growing!)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

abalk2 · 05/18/07 03:55PM

Earlier today we learned that an occasional paramour of former Gawker editor and current Vanity Fair chick Jessica Coen had—through some sort of complicated tech stock thing about which we have (and wish to have) no clue—fortuitously become an extremely wealthy individual. Good for him! Surprisingly, this is not the first gentleman who has enjoyed Ms. Coen's tender ministrations to have been gifted with a sudden cascade of riches. Ricky Van Veen, of CollegeHumor fame, touched her parts on more than one occasion—and then his company was acquired by Barry Diller! We were beginning to think her ladyflower was gold! Like she was Suze Orman down there! But we recall that some who succumb to Coen's seductive half-Jew-from-the-Midwest, lady-with-a-smart-mouth-and-a-great-ass appeal have not been so lucky. We know of a string of cast-off Coen lovers whose finances are shaky and who may be living with their parents. Some may even be itchy. So a warning to the men of Manhattan: A conjugal visit with Jessica Coen might just make you a millionaire. Or a pauper. She's got the Magic 8 Ball of vaginas.

Tuesday In the Park With Dana

abalk2 · 04/02/07 02:55PM

What sort of woman reads Dana Vachon's Mergers & Acquisitions? Meet Jessica, a web editor at Conde Nast. Jessica was recently spotted by Bill Cunningham on her "lunch break" in Bryant Park with the season's two must-have accessories: this $34 H&M print, and Mergers, the rollicking debut novel that's sure to be seen in parks and on subways throughout the summer. "Normally I don't read books with big words," says Jessica, "but I can't resist a Lit Boy with a non-ethnic nose and a background in banking!" Now that's some fine print indeed!

Jessica Coen Severs Her Gawker Connection

abalk2 · 10/16/06 02:55PM

So, you may not have known this, but Friday was the final day of Jess Coen's tenure as editor at Gawker. (Don't feel bad, there wasn't much mention of it in these parts.) In an oddly uncharacteristic display of affection for his employees, Gawker publisher Nick Denton opened his home to the various hordes who had come to celebrate J. Co's departure. As is his wont, Denton left around eight for a better party, thus missing the ancient Gawker tradition wherein the departing editor shears mascot Andrew Krucoff's hair. Since Elizabeth Spiers first gave Andrew a buzz-cut back in 2003, each editor signals the end of his tenure by symbolically shedding his or her ties to the company. After the jump, we share the evidence of this touching ceremony.

Media Bubble: Senior Skip Day For the Media Elite

Pareene · 10/13/05 04:31PM

• Headline of the day: 'The Fiat heir, the transsexual and a sordid backstreet drugs overdose' [Times of London]
• Close second: 'Fox Ends Paris' "Life"' [Yahoo]
• Because she's off today, we will be linking to this mp3 of Jay Rosen interrupting Jessica Coen. [Media Center]
• "You know your kidnapping is probably going to turn out alright when your abductors give you souvenir baseball caps to take home." [Romenesko]
• There really was no media news today, on account of all of New York atoning. [DailyTransom]