2005's 123 Reasons to Love New York Right Now

Foster Kamer · 12/19/09 10:15PM

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Vintage Gawker Collection, where we'll roll out old posts from the vault in full to provide perspective on the present. Tonight: Jessica Coen's 2005 post, 123 Reasons to Love New York Right Now.

Dispatches From the GFail Apocalypse

Ryan Tate · 09/01/09 06:38PM

Cities burned; pundits pointed fingers and AOL stood proud for definitely the last time. The Twitterati acted out their primal terror.

White People Mouth Off to Black Cops Like This

Ryan Tate · 07/20/09 06:27PM

Angry and unbeaten white suspects made a Vanity Fair editor angry; Facebook friendings sparked an ego-tweet; and self deprecation was deprecated. The Twitterati were eagerly reading between the lines.

How You Could Have Saved Michael Jackson

Ryan Tate · 06/26/09 05:40PM

The Twitterati were obsessed with the less brilliant Michael Jackson: His most brain-dead lyrics, his worst video moments and his awful neglect at the hands!

The Twitterati Take a Snow Day

Owen Thomas · 03/02/09 04:37PM

What's in Ruth Reichl's freezer? What disappoints Martha Stewart? Which New York wantrepreneur is about to get a snowball to the face? And why is a CNN reporter freaking out? Twitter has all the answers:

Twitterin' In the Rain

Richard Lawson · 02/06/09 05:32PM

Today in Twitter: Demi and Ashton love Los Angeles, Los Angeles loves Rachel Sklar, Jess Coen's vagina loves Drew Barrymore, and Brian Stelter loves Trenton (and technology). Happy Friday.

Twitter's Famous-People Diet

Owen Thomas · 01/16/09 05:30PM

The media's most fervid Twitter users have a style: simultaneously vain and self-deprecating. It's like they don't even realize they're microcelebrities! Witness how unaware they are of their self-awareness:

The Twitterati Say Far Too Much

Owen Thomas · 01/13/09 06:31PM

One would think that Twitter's 140-character limit would put a cap on oversharing. But one would be wrong. Hints of a 30 Rock star's bowel movements, plans for drinking in public, delicious hair, and more:

New York's Six Gossip Monsters

Nick Denton · 04/04/08 02:47PM

Let's put aside any judgment on the literary qualities of Sloane Crosley's collection of essays, I Was Told There'd Be Cake. One talent is beyond dispute: the author, a book publicist in her day job, is one of publishing's most expert promoters. Crosley has secured interviews and profiles which must make writers with fewer connections insanely jealous; and she handles the suspicion that she's trading on those connections with expertly self-deprecating charm. True to form, her book party, itself a rare event in the penny-pinching publishing industry, drew pretty much the full contingent of New York's gossip columnists. From left to right: Spencer Morgan, slap-happy editor of the Observer's Transom column; some big-headed internet geek pretending to run; Paula Froelich of Page Six; her rival Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News; Jessica Coen of New York Magazine; and Radar's online editor, Alex Balk. In the gallery, Chris Wilson, Elizabeth Spiers, Russell Perrault of Anchor Books, Frank Rich's son, Nat, and others. Photos, as always, by Nikola Tamindzic. GALLERY»

Media Jews Violate Kosher At Spotted Pig

Nick Denton · 02/25/08 08:25PM

Pictured here, New York's Adam Moss, host of the Oscars party the magazine threw at the Spotted Pig, before ab-obsessed Dave Zinczenko unbuttoned his shirt. Moss, who used to run New York Times' Sunday magazine, is one of the most high-minded of modern editors. Which makes the magazine's web triumph last week all the more disturbing. New York claims 20m pageviews per day for the arty nudes it ran of drunken starlet, Lindsay Lohan. (Yes, jealous.) Moss says the traffic is "addictive". He's joking, for the moment. But wait. (In this week's New York sex diaries, an S&M-loving comedian.) After the jump, lovingly photographed by Gawker's Nikola Tamindzic: Emily Gould; Julia Allison; Alan Cumming and other British luvvies' media gays displaying affection; "Smash" from Friday Night Lights; Marlo's enforcer from cult HBO show, The Wire; and Jews eating piglet.

What You're Missing On Tumblr (And No, The Answer's Not "Nothing")

Nick Douglas · 02/01/08 12:37AM

Anyone who follows Gawker's coverage of certain blogs on Tumblr could easily assume that the simple blogging tool is like LiveJournal for privileged white 20-somethings, and entirely unworthy of attention. But that's only the part that we, in our mocking masochistic obsession, have focused on, while ignoring the circus of delights that Tumblr can be. In fact, much as I want you to read my whole guide to the best and worst of Tumblr below, I'd rather you just went and read one of the best blogs from Tumblr, The Triumph of Bullshit.

Today In Gawker Alums

Pareene · 01/17/08 01:52PM

On his Tumblr today, Alex Balk muses on Nick Denton's morality, suggests that his vision of hell involves doing his current job with Radar, and makes one (1) tit joke. Guest-blogging at, Choire Sicha continues mining Times metro sections of days past for ironies and gimlet-eyed commentary on the sorry state of 2008 New York. Doree Shafrir has a photo of Emily Gould's dog. Emily Gould has re-launched her blog. Jesse Oxfeld IMd us earlier to remind us that he has "a very small and entirely static presence" on the Internet. Jessica Coen's website has itself been fairly static since the start of the year. [Previously]

Former Mean Girl Repents

abalk · 09/06/07 11:25AM

Didja hear the one about the young writer who got her start as a big bad blogger—until a savage backlash from readers made her reroute her career? Well, check out the October Glamour, in which Gawker alum Jessica Coen calls for an end to the "unmitigated and unintelligent nastiness" you find online. How did Coen's Damascene conversion come about? WWD has the scoop.

What Really Happened in Amagansett This Weekend

Joshua Stein · 08/20/07 04:00PM

What follows is like aversion therapy for those who might want to go to the Hamptons. On Saturday night in Amagansett, as Jessica Coen reported today at New York mag, the sundry foodie blogging glitterati gathered for a burger cook-off. Coen was there to support her man Lockhart Steele, our (and her!) former boss at this very website. She looks really happy. That "typical summer share house" was Eater honcho Ben Leventhal's, and it is called "Southfork." Julia Allison was there too! She was cozying up with College Humor's Jakob Lodwick. Later they would have a huge knock-down drag-out fight but then go on to make up. Former Glamour blogger and Gawker enemy Alyssa Shelasky was munching on Doritos poolside, as was weirdly attractive photographer Jessica Craig-Martin. Hampton's Style editor Deb Schoeneman was there, as was College Humor millionaire and (coincidence!) Hampton's Style Contributing Editor Ricky Van Veen. His pictures can be found here; the one above is the only one of Julia Allison topless, just to save you time searching.