Internet Prankster Sends SWAT Team to Cyberbullying Expert's House

Adrian Chen · 07/25/11 02:55PM

Among the many, many people who irk the anarchic message board 4chan, cyberbullying expert Parry Aftab is one of the most consistently despised. So it's not surprising that an anonymous internet denizen sent a SWAT team to her New Jersey home this weekend.

Is This Threat-Hurling Justin Bieber Fanatic the Next Jessi Slaughter?

Matt Cherette · 10/10/10 08:48PM

Meet Erik. Erik loves Justin Bieber, hates those who don't, and—in a quickly spreading online video—has threatened to ruin the lives of unrepentant non-Beliebers. Unfortunately for Erik, though, 4chan may have already turned the tables on him.

Is 4chan Turning Into Internet Good Guys?

Adrian Chen · 09/02/10 10:01PM

4chan, the anarchic Internet messageboard, appears to be experiencing an identity crisis. Whereas terror campaigns against tweens were once planned amid stomach-churning images, a strong streak of do-gooderism has taken hold. In fact, 4chan is being downright nice these days.

She's Back: Fight Between Jessi Slaughter and Her Father Caught On Tape

Matt Cherette · 08/03/10 01:49PM

"The cops are watching the Internet... you are being federally investigated!" screamed Jessi Slaughter's father on this recording of a recent Tinychat session gone awry. The Internet's most famous 11-year-old is back—and it's ugly. Videos and more, inside.

Is 4chan Cleaning Up Its Act?

Adrian Chen · 07/22/10 11:02PM

If you logged onto 4chan's anarchic /b/ message board today, you would have found a changed place. Soft music played. Instead of prodigious amounts of child porn and virulent racism, there was only a little bit. What happened?

Jessi Slaughter Talks Cyberbullying on Good Morning America

Matt Toder · 07/22/10 08:48AM

Today, Good Morning America sat down with Jessi Slaughter, the 11 year-old victim of intense cyberbullying, and her parents. She talked about the content of her videos and how she's reacted to the firestorm that her videos touched off.

4chan Hackers Attack Gawker Again

Ryan Tate · 07/20/10 04:47PM

Anarchic internet hangout 4chan sent a little more hate Gawker's way today, launching a denial of service attack against our website, spamming our email accounts and even trying to bother one staffer's spouse. All so we'd stop talking about them.

4Chan's Sad War To Silence Gawker

Ryan Tate · 07/19/10 01:47PM

The denizens of internet troll hive launched an attack on Gawker Media's servers at noon Eastern today, apparently unhappy we wrote about how they coordinated the harassment of an 11-year-old girl. We survived the onslaught, but 4chan isn't done.