Dick or Not a Dick: Jesse Eisenberg

Caity Weaver · 06/03/13 01:56PM

Dicks: Many people have them and some people are them and some people are them but do not have them and some people do have them but are not them. Today, our challenge is to determine whether or not actor Jesse Eisenberg, inventor of starring in The Social Network, is a dick or merely has one.

Lindsay Lohan's New Sober Coach: Courtney Love

Maureen O'Connor · 12/01/11 11:08AM

Courtney Love scares Lindsay Lohan straight. Zoe Saldana gets "hot and heavy" with Bradley Cooper. A Kourtney Kardashian wedding is "imminent." Kristin Cavallari gets re-engaged. Do as Thursday gossip says, not as it did in the '90s.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Awkward SNL Cameo

Matt Cherette · 01/29/11 11:54PM

During host Jesse Eisenberg's monologue on tonight's Saturday Night Live, the Social Network star was surprised on stage by Andy Samberg-as-Mark Zuckerberg. But that wasn't all—shortly thereafter, the *real* Mark Zuckerberg showed up... and it was incredibly awkward!

Facebook, as Cast by Hollywood

Ryan Tate · 10/20/09 01:25PM

It appears Aaron Sorkin has confirmed many of the casting choices for his upcoming Facebook movie. If only Silicon Valley were this good looking. There's someone from Gossip Girl, Melanie Griffith's daughter — even a very built male model.