Alleged Harassment of Jersey City Police Officer by Anti-Government Colleagues May Have Gone on For Years

Brendan O'Connor · 05/06/16 03:50PM

Earlier this year, a Hudson County Superior Court judge dismissed a former Jersey City cop’s whistleblower suit against the city itself, Jersey City’s public safety director, two former police chiefs, and eight other police officials. The retired cop, Frank DeFazio, claimed that an anti-government clique operating within the department’s Emergency Services Unit had targeted him for harassment, and that he had been subject to retribution from high-level police officials after he complained.

Lacey Donohue · 10/20/13 07:10PM

Same-sex marriages in New Jersey are scheduled to begin Monday at 12:01 a.m. Though the process has been plagued with bureaucratic difficulties, mayors in Newark, Jersey City, Asbury Park and Lambertville plan to open City Halls late Sunday and marry couples as soon as they're able.

New Jersey Bans Snooki and JWOWW's Jersey Shore Spinoff

Brian Moylan · 01/31/12 04:10PM

The city of Hoboken, New Jersey, has denied a request for a proposed MTV Jersey Shore spinoff starring the show's boozy Lucy and Ethel JWOWW and Snooki. Damn, no one in New Jersey wants these two.

Landlord Tenant Dispute Ends with a Bomb in New Jersey Pizzeria

Brian Moylan · 05/17/10 05:37PM

According to reports, the owner of the establishment closed up shop a few weeks ago and that's when he started feuding with the man who owns the building. Still no word on which party might have set the gas cans to explode. One thing's for certain, though: This isn't doing anything to improve New Jersey's Sopranos-style reputation.

Hero Jersey Pol Pisses Off DC

Pareene · 11/10/08 11:43AM

When does America care about a Jersey City Councilman? When a Jersey City Councilman urinates on people in Washington, DC. Steven Lipski was arrested in our nation's capital this weekend, because he went to the 9:30 Club to see a Grateful Dead tribute band, got wasted, and peed off the balcony. Idiot drunk middle-aged politicians are DC's cross to bear, of course, and Lipski has given the 9:30 Club staff trouble before: