No One Asked You: When Men "Dialogue" About Kim Kardashian's Body

Dayna Evans · 05/21/15 03:25PM

On Wednesday, Vulture published a “conversation” between senior art critic Jerry Saltz and editor David Wallace-Wells that purported to be an intellectual dive into the self-presentation of Kim Kardashian in her book, Selfish. The article’s headline: “How and Why We Started Taking Kim Kardashian Seriously (and What She Teaches Us About the State of Criticism).”

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/19/09 07:34AM

Mr. Heidi Klum (or Seal, if you prefer) turns 46 today. General Electric chief Jeff Immelt is 53. Jonathan Lethem is turning 45. Sony CEO Howard Stringer is turning 67. New York Times finance reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin is 32. New York art critic Jerry Saltz is 58. Carolyn Maloney is turning 61. Hearst's Ellen Levine is turning 66. Novelist Siri Hustvedt is 54. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is 50. Architect Peter Pennoyer is 52. Naked Angels artistic director Jenny Gersten is 40. Politico Norman Adler is turning 67. Phish drummer Jon Fishman is turning 44. Benicio Del Toro is 42. Justine Bateman is 43. Jeff Daniels is 54. Smokey Robinson is 69. And Haylie Duff celebrates her 24th today.

Jerry Saltz

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:31PM

Saltz is New York Magazine's art critic known for his direct, unequivocal opinions and willingness to champion young artists, so much so that he landed a judge spot on Bravo's artist competition show Work of Art. He's also half of one of the art world's most prominent power couples—his wife is Times critic Roberta Smith.