California asked to look into Yahoo-Google deal

Jackson West · 07/30/08 03:40PM

California assemblyman Joel Anderson, R.-San Diego, has penned a letter to the state's attorney general, Jerry Brown, asking the former Governor Moonbeam to launch an investigation into the search advertising deal between Yahoo and Google. Anderson took credit for convincing the monolithic Mountain View search giant to add a link to the company's privacy policy on its homepage. Now he's pointing out that by controlling 90 percent or more of the search advertising market, Google is in a position to unilaterally set the terms of consumer privacy as it relates to search ads. “We are on the brink of having a national privacy policy — Google’s privacy policy,” Anderson declared in a press release. Yahoo and Google responded to say that we can all trust the two companies to take privacy seriously, honest. Anderson's full letter:

Child-porn blockers' real purpose: getting politicans reelected

Melissa Gira Grant · 07/10/08 03:20PM

Joining Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and Sprint in press-releasing their concerns about child porn online, AOL and and AT&T announced today that they, too, will block their Internet service customers' access to Usenet newsgroups and websites suspected of hosting such illegal content. New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo engineered this arrangement, and California attorney general Jerry Brown and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured here saving the children) are hot for a similar deal in-state.

Jerry Brown demands California ISPs create Internet blacklists

Jackson West · 06/23/08 04:40PM

Former governor and current Attorney General Jerry Brown says that New York's blocking of Usenet groups and other Internet censorship isn't harsh enough, as a few independent Internet service providers still allow users to access banned content. Brown wants every ISP doing business in California to enact similar restrictions. I can't believe this guy's nickname used to be "Moonbeam." [TechDirt] (Photo by AP/Rich Pedroncelli)

The future of Jonathan Zittrain (and how to stop it)

Owen Thomas · 05/12/08 03:20PM

Really, I wasn't trying to be posh for the book party Arianna Huffington threw Saturday for Oxford scholar Jonathan Zittrain and his new book, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It." I pulled up to Larry Ellison's Pacific Heights manse in a black Town Car because that's the only vehicle I was able to flag down in North Beach. Huffington, the pundit turned blog mogul, greeted me at the door and extracted a promise of my best behavior before allowing me in. (One wonders what these people think my worst behavior might be, and if they realize how tempting living down to their expectations is.)

Stanlee Gatti, the former San Francisco arts commissioner, produced the event, which drew a crowd mixed with the Valley elite, San Francisco politicos, a gaggle of YouTubers, and oddball geek pals of Zittrain. Oh, and some grubby hacks like yours truly. Melanie Ellison, the romance novelist and wife of Oracle CEO Larry, went to high school with Zittrain, it turns out. That's the kind of it's-a-small-world connection the local press corps loves to make a big deal about. But even if Zittrain didn't have this chance connection to the Valley's movers and shakers, I'd think he'd be drawing attention from its inner circle anyway.