How to keep your company from looking stupid on Twitter

Paul Boutin · 09/30/08 09:00PM

San Francisco-expat turned LA PR pro Jeremy Pepper wrote a long post documenting his exploration of Twitter as a company communications channel with the outside world. The advent of Twitter hasn't changed this much: I can still get paid to take a two page long, rambling essay by an expert and rewrite it to fit on a Post-It slapped to your monitor:

The perils of drunkblogging

Owen Thomas · 12/15/07 04:22AM

"Quick, post the pictures before you sober up!" the ever-helpful Paul Boutin emails me. I'd love to, Paul, but it seems that Brian Lam, gadget expert, forgot to put charged-up batteries in this superhigh-tech, amazingly unusable Sony camera he lent me. Thanks, Brian. This is why he's running a gadget blog and I make fun of venture capitalists for a living, people.

Is a there a terrorist in Valley PR?

Nick Douglas · 06/14/06 02:29PM

We're all a little jumpy about strangers in this post-9/11 world, and nowhere is tension over immigrants more pronounced than in the Valley, where immigrants run the world (and wash its dishes).

Geek out guest post: Second Third Thursday

Nick Douglas · 05/19/06 10:44AM

The Weber Shandwick takeover of Valleywag continues with WS legal practice guru Lucas Mast's report on this week's Third Thursday. In this edition of the PR and marketing talk series, PR blogger Jeremy Pepper MC'd a panel of corporate-blogging masters. If you're feeling cynical this morning, just read Lucas's three bullets and be done with it. We'll see if our boy Lucas can learn to stop paying attention to the actual talks and give us the nitty gritty, like whether someone got Steve Rubel drunk. In the meantime, Mr. Bright and Sunny pimps Third Thursday.

Fool's droppings

ndouglas · 04/03/06 10:13AM

Oh, Internet, you are so cute. Over the weekend, the Button-down-wearing White Guys of the Net made their blatantly disclaimered April Fool's Day gags: