This Chris Brown Interview Where He Says That He Tries to Promote 'Positivity and Love' is Now Really Hilarious

Jordan Sargent · 11/29/12 07:15PM

Singer-not-rapper Chris Brown is on the cover of XXL's December/January issue, because everyone in the hip-hop industry is obligated to embrace Brown with open arms because he will make them a bunch of money. Last weekend, Brown managed to out-awful awful Twitter comedian Jenny Johnson by saying, amongst other things, that he was going to shit on her retina per his mom's orders. This latest outburst of violent threats from Brown once again turned the spotlight on his rage issues, unrepentance for having viciously beat Rihanna and general horribleness.

Hating Chris Brown Isn't Racist Until You Make It Racist

Cord Jefferson · 11/26/12 06:31PM

Last night, pop singer Chris Brown, who infamously and brutally beat up Rihanna in 2009, launched a verbal, scatological attack on comedy writer Jenny Johnson. Johnson has made it a bit of a hobby to antagonize the 23-year-old Brown, and last night, after she called Brown a "worthless piece of shit" on Twitter, Brown unleashed a barrage of tweets at Johnson to tell her he was going to fart on her and defecate into her eye. As the internet gathered around yet another Chris Brown temper tantrum, Brown, who has hastily deleted offensive tweets in the past, went further than usual, deleting his entire Twitter account and disappointing his legion of fans, Team Breezy.

Chris Brown Reminds Everyone He's Chris Brown, Tells Comedian He's Going to Shit On Her Eye (UPDATE)

Taylor Berman · 11/25/12 07:58PM

Chris Brown makes it hard to forget about his past, doesn't he? Earlier today, the petulant and abusive R&B singer engaged in a Twitter battle with comedy writer Jenny Johnson. As you might expect, Brown was nothing but respectful, offering, among other things, to let Johnson suck his dick and to shit on her eye (at his mother's request, no less). Brown quickly deleted the tweets but not before Johnson retweeted them.