Alexis Stewart's Next Act

cityfile · 09/22/08 08:16AM

It's actually quite incredible that Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis isn't more famous than she is, given that she possesses the two qualities most likely to lead to major media success: a famous parent and no apparent limits to her oversharing. On her Sirius radio show, she has, according to a New York magazine profile, discussed: "The breast lift, the Botox, the in vitro shots to try to get pregnant, the "betweeny" wax she favors over the Brazilian, the recurrent sexual fantasies involving Scott Bakula, the past dabbling in lesbianism..." and so on.

Martha Stewart Gets Snark From Insane Daughter

Ryan Tate · 09/22/08 06:43AM

Are there any outlets left NOT trying to be ironic and meta? Because even Martha Stewart, the icy queen of sincere homemaking, is launching a parody of herself. The show, "Whatever, Martha!", will be run by Stewart's daughter Alexis who, judging from a fresh New York profile, is still acting as self-consciously over the top as she was three years ago, when she first got her satellite radio show. She hates on a paraplegic! She has casual sex, sometimes even with women! She bought a handgun in preparation for a U.S. invasion! And now she's going to run a show where she'll make fun of her mom's old shows on a show co-produced by that same company. In the process we'll all get an uncomfortable look behind the scenes in the Stewart family, which involves learning the following: