cityfile · 12/09/08 09:41AM

Liev Schreiber carrying son Alexander on his back in NoHo ... Sean Lennon taking a walk ... Agyness Deyn carrying two cups of coffee in the East Village ... Andy Dick arriving at JFK ... Naomi Campbell smiling for photographers ... Natasha Bedingfield getting into a limo outside her hotel ... Jennifer Connelly and Anderson Cooper outside the David Letterman show ... Katie Holmes walking with a bodyguard outside her Village apartment building ... and David Duchovny and Tea Leoni attending a Knicks game with their kids.

The Day The Keanu Performance Stood Still

STV · 10/30/08 01:30PM

The ugly new trend in epic-length movie trailers continues today with the latest teaser for The Day the Earth Stood Still, the remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic creatively recast with Keanu Reeves as a flat-voiced humanoid alien warning Earth's inhabitants of their impending doom. Quite a stretch, we know (and yes, he has made this one before), but from the looks of the accompanying clip, DTESS is a soaring upgrade from low-budget earnestness to a sort of glossy, glassy-eyed indignance; there is true, brow-furrowing peril in that stilted baritone suggesting his past "would only frighten you." If only we felt less endangered by the four minutes of line readings that follow from Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates and even Jon Hamm, from whom we expected so much more than bromides about the history of mankind. Believe us, Jon — we know history, and this has all the symptoms of being exactly that. And not the good kind, either. [20th Century Fox]

Finally, A Superhero - American For The Rest Of Us

Seth Abramovitch · 07/02/08 08:35PM

· P. Diddy couldn't be more excited about Hancock: the first legitimately mainstream black superhero! (Don't point out the drunken loutishness—he's happy as a motherfucker and we'd like him to stay that way.) []
· "Angelina Jolie is way too thin to be an action hero!" says whoever could find to offer a quote corroborating their Angelina Jolie-is-too-thin-to-be-an-action-hero story. []
· Take a tour of the insanely huge Brooklyn mansion Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany are leaving, and the insanely expensive TriBeCa loft they're moving into. [ONTD, The Real Estalker]
· Wesley Snipes can travel to London and Bangkok to shoot two movies while his Totally Insane Tax Avoidance Trial of the Century appeals are processed. [Yahoo/AP]
· Here's photo evidence of Brett Ratner holding one of his five Big Penises. [VMan]

Which A-Lister Did Jennifer Aniston Have Bumped From The Cover Of 'Marie Claire'?

Molly Friedman · 06/17/08 02:30PM

Naturally we're delighted to see Jennifer Aniston's name in the news without any mention of her lesser half John Mayer, but unfortunately the actress' latest stunt does not include bikinis, Brad, or boy toy upgrades. In case you'd forgotten, the flower-scented B.O. phenom that is SATC: The Movie is being closely followed by another chick flick packed with A-Listers called He's Just Not That Into You. Aniston rounds out the female cast alongside Drew Barrymore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Connelly and Scarlett Johansson. But according to Life & Style, Aniston took the very low road at a recent cover shoot for Marie Claire, insisting one of the ladies above be banned from the photo, making room for Aniston's widely seen curves to take front and center. Which co-star was allegedly instructed to leave the set, and whether or not Aniston's orders mean anything these days, after the jump.

Winehouse is Down, Again

cityfile · 06/17/08 07:31AM
  • Amy Winehouse fainted at home yesterday and spent the night undergoing testing at a London hospital. So far the tests have proved inconclusive and doctors are stumped as to what exactly happened, which clearly means they're not reading the tabloids. [Reuters]

Are Celebrities Done With Brooklyn?

Richard Lawson · 05/06/08 10:28AM

Brooklyn "power couple" Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany are leaving the neighborhood. Their beautiful Prospect Park West mansion (see pic, above) is on the market for $8.5m (they paid $3.5 for it back in 2003). They'll be fleeing to a fancypants penthouse in TriBeCa. So, is everyone going to just abandon Brooklyn? First it was Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger (though she kept their Boerum Hill brownstone, she spends most of her downtime in LA, he spent it in Manhattan), and now these well-respected "boho" "artists." Thank God we've still got Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, and Keri Russell. And I think M.I.A. lives somewhere in Bed-Stuy. But, they'll probably leave too.

Jennifer Connelly Lured Into the CAA Death Star

mark · 02/08/08 01:00PM

Following the magical transformation of longtime rep Risa Shapiro from agent to manager (the ceremony, we're told, involves drinking the still-warm blood of a freshly slain mailroom clerk), Jennifer Connelly has signed with CAA, having been vulnerable just long enough for the Creative Artists' tractor beams to pull her from her former agency's nearby Century City headquarters and into the gaping maw of the Death Star. While we're sure that now-manager Shapiro's first order of business was making the transition as painless as possible for the actress, we're sure that the decision was still at least a little agonizing, particularly the part where Connelly was forced to choose which of her adorable children to turn over to CAA as career-boosting collateral, ensuring that the new client will think twice about abandoning the relationship once their honeymoon period wears off. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Jennifer Connelly

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:34PM

Jennifer Connelly is best known for her girlhood debut in Labyrinth and her Oscar-winning performance in A Beautiful Mind.

Jennifer Connelly Takes the Keanu Reeves Co-Star Challenge

mark · 11/06/07 03:38PM

· Hollywood Out of Ideas, Can't Blame the Writers For the Current Idea Shortage Edition: Jennifer Connelly—an actress we'd pay $14 dollars to watch knitting a sweater or making peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches—will join monosyllabic, paparazzi-punishing superstar Keanu Reeves in Fox's remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still. [Variety]
· Big Love polygamist Jeanne Tripplehorn is on board for HBO's movie version of Grey Gardens, playing Jackie O opposite Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore's Big and Little Edies, respectively. THR]
· ABC's Cashmere Mafia might be the first primetime victim of the strike, as the network yanks the new series from its schedule before its originally planned November 27 debut. But good news for those craving Sex and the City-inspired entertainment: NBC hasn't yet abandoned nearly identical project Lipstick Jungle. [Variety]

Most Expensive Comedy In History Balances Wastefulness With Environmental Awareness

mark · 06/12/07 01:24PM

· Universal is partnering with environmentally conscious marketers to promote Evan Almighty, culminating in a spectacular stunt in which the studio will flood its Universal City theme park, washing away thousands of tourists to emphasize the film's uplifting, "green" message that God will kill us all if we don't take better care of our planet. [Variety]
· Michael Moore seeks out, receives free publicity for upcoming film about the American health care system. [THR]
· The details of the project are unimportant to us, but let it be known that Jennifer Connelly, whom we would pay to watch folding laundry or waiting in line at the DMV, has taken on a new movie project. Unfortunately, the husband is also involved. [Variety]
· CBS Corp despot Les Moonves calls Dan Rather's critical remarks about successor Katie Couric's "dumbing down" and "tarting up" of his beloved evening news broadcast "sexist." Expect the mouthy ex-anchor to be found dead of an apparent heart attack by the end of the day. [THR]
· The ratings for Sunday night's Sopranos finale are in, and its average of 11.9 million viewers easily surpassed the mark set by HBO sibling Sex and the City's controversial last episode, in which the sassy, shoe-loving ladies were unexpectedly whacked by a vengeance-obsessed Mario Cantone. [Variety]

Trade Round-Up: Jennifer Connelly Does Something, Delights Us

mark · 10/12/05 01:45PM

· Hillary Clinton's swinging through Hollywood again for a series of fundraisers aimed at raising money for her "Senate re-election campaign," not her inevitable run (fingers crossed for a Clinton-Affleck ticket!) for President in 2008. [Variety]
· Jennifer Connelly is close to joining another feature project, but we don't even care what it is. We'd pay to watch her picking out orthopedic insoles at Rite Aid. Ugh, does that sound like some kind of weird fetish? Because it's totally not. If we wanted to go with the fetish angle, we would've said something about her wearing a bikini and sitting on balloons until they pop. [THR]
· Paramount will go halfsies on the movie adaptation of the musical Dreamgirls with DreamWorks, the " thinly veiled telling of the rise of Diana Ross and the Supremes." The stunt-driver budget alone is expected to be astronomical, so it's good the studios are splitting the financial burden. [Variety]
· Fox picks up full season orders of both The War at Home and Bones, allowing us to continue our unhealthy obsession with Bones' resident squint Emily Deschanel. My, aren't we stalkerish today? OK, we're done now. [THR]
· WGA Report: Honkies with penises still hogging all the writing jobs. [Variety]