Old Navy Brings Jennie Garth and Luke Perry Together, Finally

Max Read · 08/30/12 10:45AM

Old Navy: it's not just for terribly-made ill-fitting clothing and supremely annoying television ads. It's also for helping bring us all the closure we so desperately need. Yes, two decades after anyone cared, Kelly finally went with Dylan — Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are reportedly dating.

Jennie Garth Has Left the Building

cityfile · 08/06/09 10:53AM

We're deeply, deeply sorry. Early this morning, we were reminded that Beverly Hills 90210's Jennie Garth would be appearing at the TJMaxx on Sixth Avenue from 12-2 to kick off "'back-to-school season," but we completely forgot to mention it, and now the opportunity has been lost forever. That said, we promise to notify you well in advance should Tiffani-Amber Thiessen decide to make any appearances at a nearby Forever 21. Can you forgive us? We do hope so.

It's Fix-It Time At the New York Times

cityfile · 07/24/09 01:06PM

• How's the New York Times Co. planning to lift itself out of the financial mess it's been in? Times Co. chief Janet Robinson says more cuts are on the way and the company is planning to sell off more assets. Also, there's some sort of paid membership model in the works, apparently. [WSJ, Gawker]
• Related: The paper says it will sell its stake in the Red Sox by January. [BG]
• What you missed at Walter Cronkite's funeral yesterday. [NYT, WaPo]
• Best-selling author E. Lynn Harris has died. He was 54. [NYT]
More magazine is teaming up with Candace Bushnell on a new Web series starring 90210's Jennie Garth and Talia Balsam from Mad Men. [MW]
• After a ten-year run, today is Paula Froelich's last day at Page Six. [NYM]

Britney, Brown, & The Arrival of Prince Harry

cityfile · 05/28/09 06:47AM

• A recent Elle photoshoot with Britney Spears turned out to be a bit messier than expected. [P6]
• A photographer has filed suit against Chris Brown. He's claiming the singer's bodyguards beat him up when he tried to take pics of Brown in March. [Us]
• Is Anthony Weiner engaged to Huma Abedin? [P6]
Jay-Z is supposedly in talks with Lyor Cohen to set up a new record label at Warner Music. [NYDN]
• Chace Crawford may be having a fling with 19-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg. [P6]
• Jane Fonda knows how to travel. She pretends she's injured so she can cruise through security in a wheelchair, apparently. [NYDN]
• Get ready: Prince Harry arrives in NYC tomorrow. [NYDN]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/03/09 07:15AM

Alec Baldwin turns 51 today. Eddie Murphy is turning 48. Pop princess Leona Lewis is 24. Amanda Bynes is turning 23. 90210's Jennie Garth is 37. Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, is turning 67. Former ski champion Picabo Street is 38. Legendary actress Doris Day is turning 87. Actor David Hyde Pierce is 50. And Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach is 41. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Jennie Garth Still Stumped By How To Use a Phone

Kyle Buchanan · 11/06/08 04:40PM

While doing interviews before the new 90210 premiered, star Jennie Garth always seemed to imply that she wanted to call her old co-stars, really she did, but something always got in the way! When Tori Spelling was axed over salary disputes, a stumped Garth attempted to get in contact with her solely through the pages of Entertainment Weekly, and when Shannen Doherty was added to the recurring cast, Garth asked for her number and then stared at her phone as if willing it to rise into the air, dialing on its own. Now, Garth tells OK! that her selective telephonophobia continues to this day:

'90210': The Father of Kelly's 'Splash-Off' Revealed!

Kyle Buchanan · 09/17/08 12:40PM

It was the question that had all of America's small, CW-watching audience in its thrall for about a week, tops: who is the father of Kelly's baby on 90210? Sure, Canada took great pains to give away the show's secret, but for spoiler-avoiding true patriots, last night's episode finally revealed the babydaddy behind Beverly Hills's most famous "splash-off".Jennie Garth had her own take on the matter, telling People:

Shenae Grimes Is The Only One Who Gets to Smile Around Here!

Kyle Buchanan · 09/16/08 11:40AM

In most respects, 90210 lead Shenae Grimes couldn't be more different from her franchise predecessor Shannen Doherty: instead of coming across as a Midwestern fish out of water in Beverly Hills, she's already tanned, styled, and starved within an inch of her life (and it's only three weeks in). And then there is the smiling — always, the smiling! However, according to the New York Post, Grimes may have taken a page from Doherty when it comes to on-set behavior, and it sounds like she's not giving her coworkers much to smile about:

Did a Canadian Ad Spoil The Big '90210' Secret?

Kyle Buchanan · 09/15/08 11:20AM

Once upon a time, we thought that the babydaddy mystery surrounding Kelly Taylor's love child on the new 90210 would be the "Who killed Laura Palmer?" of the CW set, with Jennie Garth given mysterious, clue-laden bon mots to drop all season, then a hasty denouement revealing Kelly's torrid night of cappuccinos with Nat at the Peach Pit five years ago. Then, producers threw us for a loop, stating that Shannen Doherty would reveal the big secret as early as tomorrow night's episode when Brenda confronts Kelly about dating the hot hipster teacher at West Bev. Now, in the wake of that hint, a tipster has informed us that a Canadian ad for the big episode may unwittingly supply the father's identity. Spoilers, after the jump...According to tipster "Lezzy McGuire":

'90210': Doherty To Reveal Babydaddy, Then Depart

Kyle Buchanan · 09/12/08 02:05PM

Why, it seems like just the other day that 90210 had us asking, "Who's the father of Kelly Taylor's towheaded love child?" It was a question we didn't expect to be solved until producers had milked every drop from the guessing game — either that, or until they could finally lure back Jason Priestly for a hirsute, highly-paid cameo. However, according to People, the 90210 team plans to unveil the child's paternity even without a guest spot locked up, and they're planning to do it soon — real soon:

'90210': Who's The Familiar Father Of Kelly Taylor's Love Child?

Mark Graham · 09/10/08 07:00PM

Despite being paced a bit too frenetically for our liking, last week's two-hour debut of the 90210 reboot managed to intrigue us enough to tune in for last night's episode (although it appears that 25% of those first week viewers didn't feel the same way). And while the new brood of West Beverly High School students still can't stop smiling, we couldn't help but find ourselves smiling a little bit during the episode's (admittedly shoehorned-in) plotlines revolving around Kelly Taylor. Suckers for nostalgia, rejoice! Last night, we finally got some details about her mystery four year old son, the product of a one night splash-off with someone who she "had a lot of history together [with] in high school" (but has since left her high and dry). Join us as we investigate the eight likeliest candidates for being the dude whose little swimmers got all up in Kelly Taylor's biznass.

Who Needs '90210' With This Lucrative Gig Impersonating Zach Galifianakis?

Kyle Buchanan · 09/04/08 01:20PM

While the record-breaking premiere of 90210 has left certain stars smiling (and smiling, and smiling), some of the franchise's original cast members have better things to do than stand around and flash those pearly whites for a measly 12 share. Take Jason Priestley, for example, who showed up to Nike's 10k Global Human Race in Los Angeles this week with his teen-dream sideburns upstaged by a massive, world-beating beard. Looking less like Brandon Walsh and more like the homeless man Brandon Walsh invited to Thanksgiving, Priestly was also kind enough to share his curt thoughts on the CW re-do:

'90210': Meet the New Brenda, Who Can't. Stop. Smiling!

Kyle Buchanan · 09/03/08 11:10AM

Perhaps you've heard, but a little show called 90210 premiered last night on the CW (to record ratings) and nobody is happier about it than lead actress Shenae Grimes, the smilingest girl who ever smiled. Though she's ostensibly playing the show's Brenda Walsh archetype, Grimes eschewed Shannen Doherty's near-goth hauteur to deliver two hours of the biggest, widest, most non-stop smiling since Denise Richards grinned her way through Starship Troopers. With the help of videographer Molly McAleer, we've assembled a montage of Grimes compulsively flashing those pearly whites; whether she's flirting with the school bad boy, bantering with a terrifyingly well-preserved Lori Loughlin, or wondering, "Gee, doesn't this high school seem like it came out of a generic Anytown, USA rather than a truly decadent Beverly Hills," Grimes simply can't stop beaming. Shenae, we're sorry — but like bad-girl blogger Silver, we're simply speaking the truth. Don't worry, we're still BFF's. Catch you at The Pit? [The CW]

New '90210', Old Tricks

Richard Lawson · 08/28/08 12:46PM

Two stars of the original teen soap on the upcoming remake... Shannen Doherty: "All I know is there's a girl giving a guy a blow job in the first episode." Jennie Garth: "When they told me that, I thought, Aaron Spelling is rolling over in his grave right now." [EW]

'90210' Stars Jennie and Shannen: Ladies Don't Punch, They Scratch

Kyle Buchanan · 08/27/08 07:15PM

Despite the fact that Jennie Garth is still taunting Shannen Doherty with expertly crafted put-downs, EW was able to wrangle the two 90210 stars for an arm-in-arm photo shoot and revealing Q&A. In it, Doherty reveals that she never really liked Brenda Walsh ("They just took her in a really odd direction that I didn't necessarily agree with at the time") and that she still harbors insecurities begun by the seminal "I Hate Brenda" newsletter. All well and good, but what about the matter everyone still cares about: the long-rumored Doherty/Garth catfights?