Paris Will Only Serve Half Her Sentence

Emily Gould · 05/17/07 09:15AM
  • Because of the "good behavior" she displayed by showing up in court, Paris Hilton will only serve about 23 days, and she'll be separated from the general inmate population. Just like at Hyde! [AP]

Pam Suffers Freak 'Accident' At Upfronts; Karen Held For Questioning

mark · 05/16/07 09:25PM

· Victims of the upfronts II: Pam is down! We repeat, Pam. Is. Down.· (Don't worry, she's going to be OK.)
· The Lede blog rounds up the misguided commercial-to-sitcom projects of the past.
· While a Shrek the Third drinking game sounds mildly diverting, we'd instead recommend that you get so shitfaced at home that you can no longer drive yourself to the theater.
· Paris Hilton: object.
· At the end of M. Night Shyamalan's open house, prospective home-buyers discover that the mansion isn't actually for sale. (The clues, of course, were right in front of their eyes the whole time.)

Short Ends: Keanu Reeves Sucks The Life From Frustrated Dialect Coach

mark · 03/22/07 10:08PM

· The Screengrab blog compiles a two-part top ten list of the worst accents in movie history, including Keanu Reeves' hilarious effort in Bram Stoker's Dracula, which produced a result so bizarre that his dialect coach was executed following its premiere.
·The Office's Jenna Fischer finds a way to increase her already impressive nerd fanbase.
· Winona Ryder's rack is poised to make a big-time comeback.
· Still no bids on Gwen Stefani's petrified wedding donuts.