Jeffrey Epstein Seizes an Opportunity

cityfile · 12/10/09 02:09PM

Everyone's favorite perverted billionaire is back in the news! Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting underage girls for sex in 2007, served about a year in prison, and was released in July. But the women (girls?) he allegedly got kinky with continue to have civil lawsuits pending against the shadowy money manager, and now things have gotten a touch complicated because the lawyer representing several of his victims is/was Scott Rothstein, the Florida lawyer who currently stands accused of leading a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme in his spare time.

Ex-Employee Sues Oprah; Madonna Fires Her Trainer

cityfile · 10/12/09 06:46AM

• A flight attendant who worked aboard Oprah Winfrey's private jet says she was falsely accused of having sex with a pilot mid-flight by another flight attendant and the daughter of Gayle King. And even though she passed the polygraph test she was given, she was fired because of it. So now she's filed a lawsuit against Oprah. Naturally. [NYDN]
David Letterman isn't the only late-night comedian who's found romance in the workplace: Jimmy Kimmel, who split up with comedian Sarah Silverman back in March, is now dating one of the writers on his show. [People]
• Madonna has reportedly parted ways with her nutty trainer, Tracy Anderson. Explains a source: "Madonna had grown tired of the baggage that Tracy always seemed to be carrying with her. Tracy had grown to be more of a distraction than anything else." [P6]

Jeffrey Epstein Will Not Talk About His Manhood

cityfile · 09/17/09 10:59AM

Trust us when we say this is the best video you're going to see all day. Pervy money manager Jeffrey Epstein, who was released from a Florida prison in July after serving a sentence for soliciting underage girls, appeared at a deposition on Sept. 2. (He's being sued by a 15-year-old girl who claims she was "enticed" to visit Epstein at his home when she was told she'd receive $200 for giving him a massage.) The deposition lasted less than two minutes before Epstein walked out. Why? It seems starting things out with the question, "Is it true that you have an egg-shaped penis?" didn't get the proceedings off to a very friendly start. (Go figure.) The hilarious footage that Page2Live managed to get its hands on is above. [PBPost/Page2Live]

Jeffrey Epstein Will Stop at Nothing to Clear His Name

cityfile · 07/28/09 10:04AM

Jeffrey Epstein was released from a Florida prison last week for soliciting underage girls for sex, which means he is now free to pursue the "philanthropic endeavors" that his lawyer says he's been eager to get back to. What these good deeds will consist of isn't clear, but perhaps one item on the agenda will be focusing his attention on "exonerating the wrongfully convicted" and "reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice"?

Jeffrey Epstein, Sex Offender For Life

cityfile · 07/24/09 02:00AM

Pervy money manager Jeffrey Epstein got out of prison yesterday, which means he can finally begin to put the last couple of years behind him and move on with his life, right? Not really. Since Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting underage prostitutes, he had to register as a sex offender yesterday, a status that will be with him for the rest of his life. (That could explain the not-so-happy look on his face in this photo.) Florida's sex offender registry helpfully allows you to sign up for alerts so you're notified if someone moves to a new location. Naturally, if Epstein ever decides to leave his Palm Beach mansion and return home to his 45,000-square-foot, eight-story townhouse on East 71st Street, we'll be sure to notify you immediately. Epstein's full "predator flyer" is below.

Gosselin Hits the Hamptons, A Gossip Girl Breakup?

cityfile · 07/23/09 05:51AM

• How does he find the time? It looks like Jon Gosselin has dumped his girlfriend from five minutes ago and is now focusing his attention on Star reporter Kate Major. (For this week, at least.) In what sounds like the most nausea-inducing meal ever, Gosselin and Major had dinner in the Hamptons last night with Michael Lohan and Jill and Bobby Zarin. [People, Star, Us]
• Rumor has it Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick have split up. [P6]
• Jude Law got into a scuffle with a paparazzo last night. [Sun]
• Mischa Barton's publicist has been busy trying to land the troubled actress the cover of a weekly tabloid. Sadly, there have been no takers so far. [P6]

Jeffrey Epstein Goes Free, Reunites With His 'Sex Slave'

cityfile · 07/22/09 08:20AM

Guess who's been released from prison? That would be Jeffrey Epstein, the secretive money manager who pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage teen girls for sex. Epstein has spent the last year or so in a Palm Beach prison, although he hasn't had to spend every minute of the day confined to a cell. As part of a work-release program, Epstein was allowed to leave his cell during the day and work from an "office" in West Palm Beach, work that reportedly involved helping the government build a case against the Bear Stearns hedge fund that imploded last year and cost Epstein the $67 million he'd invested in the fund. His cooperation helped shave six months off his sentence and early this morning Epstein skipped out of jail, using a side entrance to avoid the reporters that had gathered outside to greet him. But while his lawyer told a reporter that Epstein is thrilled that "this part of his life is over," and he's "ready to move on to other things," it doesn't look like he's totally put his past behind him.

Back in the News: Jeffrey Epstein and His Special Friend

cityfile · 07/07/09 02:06PM

Jeffrey Epstein, the shadowy money manager who pleaded guilty in 2007 to soliciting underage teen girls for sex, is expected to leave a Florida prison in a couple of weeks. (Not that he's been spending much time behind bars in recent months: As part of a work-release program, he's been allowed to leave the jail from 10am to 10 pm, six days a week, to "work" out of his "office" in West Palm Beach.) But while Epstein has something to be cheerful about these days, one of his old acquaintances was handed a major defeat last week. Maximilia "Ava" Cordero, the transgender teenager who sued Epstein and claimed she'd been forced to engage in "bizarre and unnatural sex acts" with the billionaire in exchange for his help advancing her career as a model, just lost her libel and defamation lawsuit against the New York Post.

The Next Chapter in Bernie Madoff's Life

cityfile · 06/25/09 11:11AM

Bernie Madoff will be sentenced for his crimes on Monday and he faces a maximum of 150 years in prison. (His lawyer's request of 12 years? Highly unlikely.) What will Bernie need to know when he gets sent off to a federal correctional facility, especially since other inmates may blame him for the economic meltdown as a whole? He'll need to "maintain high visibility," says Larry Levine, an ex-con and consultant to white-collar criminals, who recommends Madoff stay in areas where lots of other people gather. "Do not become confrontational with anybody. Respect people; be polite. Don't borrow anything from anyone. Don't become beholden to anyone," he adds. We'll add one more tip: Buy tons of stuff from the commissary and hand it out to your new friends. It's a proven strategy. That's what Jeffrey Epstein did and he got through his bit just fine. [CNNMoney]

Jeffrey Epstein Can't Stay Out of Trouble

cityfile · 02/13/09 01:52PM

Poor Jeffrey Epstein hasn't even been released from prison yet and he's already finding himself in more legal hot water. Palm Beach Post gossip columnist Jose Lambiet reports the shadowy money manager, who is currently serving an 18-month prison sentence for soliciting a minor for prostitution, is now being sued by the contractor who built him a larger boat dock for his $10.7 million Palm Beach mansion. Apparently Jeffrey failed to pay a $105,000 bill, and the contractor says he's been trying to collect the debt since August. In Epstein's defense, though, he has been a wee bit tied up recently. [Page2Live, previously]

Epstein's Freedom, Alec and Tina Face Off

cityfile · 12/23/08 07:15AM

• Jeffrey Epstein is a free man—sort of. The billionaire money manager, who was sentenced to 18 months for soliciting a minor for prostitution, is now working at the office of his non-profit foundation five days as a week as part of a work-release program. [P6]
Mort Zuckerman became a dad for the second time on Friday with the birth of a daughter named Renee Esther. [NYDN]
Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey's frosty relationship has turned into "outright contempt" since Baldwin mocked Fey's scar at a recent photo shoot and told the photographer to "get ready to do a lot of airbrushing." [Star]
• Suri Cruise gets 100 fan letters each day, you'll be creeped out to learn. [Star]