J.K. Trotter · 01/23/14 12:03PM

CNN is “expanding the definition of news” by laying off 40 editorial employees. According to the Financial Times, one of the axed staffers was “a pregnant producer who was two weeks away from giving birth to twins.”

Adam Weinstein · 12/03/13 09:39AM

Ah! The Cable News Network (CNN) sees the problem now: They do too much news. They'll get right on that, folks.

Cory Booker Gave CNN Chief's 14-Year-Old Son a Job

Sam Biddle · 08/07/13 10:29AM

Twitter celeb and political parvenu Cory Booker is known for his good friends—good for their influence, good for their money, and good for his future. One way to keep them all nicely on Booker's side? Give one of their teenage children a spot on his startup's board, replete with stock options.

Jeff Zucker Is Blowing Up CNN

Max Read · 01/29/13 12:39PM

Jeff Zucker, the flesh egg whose destruction of NBC earned him a job running CNN, has launched his reign of terror over the network: James Carville and Mary Matalin — gone! Erick Erickson — gone! Managing editor Mark Whitaker — gone! And lo: Chris Cuomo's silhouette appears on the horizon, ready to take on "a major role in a new CNN morning show and across the network."

Jeff Zucker Says Jeff Zucker Is Top Candidate to Take Over CNN

John Cook · 11/28/12 01:25PM

Failure virtuoso Jeff Zucker—the man who singlehandedly dismantled NBC as an entertainment powerhouse, replaced Friends with likes of Good Morning Miami and Inside Schwartz, lost NBC Universal a billion dollars in ad revenue in just one year, brought a man named Donald Trump to your television screens, and bungled an attempted transition at NBC's Tonight Show franchise with a galactic ineptness that even at the remove of two years continues to strain credulity—is going to save CNN now!

Jeff Zucker's End is Nigh

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/10 10:29AM

A deal's reportedly in place for incompetent NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker to leave the company "a couple of months" after Comcast closes its acquisition. Then he can become another vacuous, wealthy politician. The personification of the American Dream! [NYP]

The Return of Coco: O'Brien Slams Leno, NBC on 60 Minutes

Matt Cherette · 05/02/10 07:19PM

Tonight, Conan O'Brien made his long-awaited return to television with an interview on 60 Minutes. O'Brien was candid about the entire Late Night Wars fiasco, taking shots at Jay Leno, Jeff Zucker and NBC in the process. Video highlights inside.