Universal Pledges To Finally Tell The Milli Vanilli Story The Right Way

mark · 02/15/07 10:55AM

With the heartbreaking story of lip-syncing supergroup Milli Vanilli previously explored only in sensationalistic fashion by heavy-handed Behind the Music episodes and cruel late-night talk show monologue punchlines, Universal sensed an opportunity to tell the tale of the disgraced 1990 Best New Artist Grammy winners in a more sympathetic and artistically ambitious fashion; according to Variety, they've acquired the rights to make a film about the duo, which Jeff Nathanson, the scribe currently charged with coming up with a fresh spin on the high-pitched ways in which Chris Tucker expresses his inability to understand the broken English of Jackie Chan for Rush Hour 3, will write and direct. In Var, Nathanson explains why he pursued this challenging project: