Jeff Foxworthy Brought His Moustache to Lopez Tonight

Christopher Han · 10/22/10 11:32AM

"I may not have a lip!" said the Blue Collar Comedy star. Yes, in the battle for low brow supremacy, Foxworthy and Lopez discussed how long he's had his moustache, as well as their roles in the upcoming Smurfs movie.

Do These Men Deserve to Be the Highest Paid Comedians?

Natasha VC · 07/17/09 05:46PM

Do you feel that? Those are George Carlin's acid tears falling from heaven. There are some mainstays on the millionaire funny-man list. But there is one depressing shocker. Can you guess who?

You Might Be A Redneck If...Your Animated Fox Series Is About NASCAR

Seth Abramovitch · 09/16/08 03:10PM

· Fox bought Jeff Foxworthy's animated pilot pitch about "a dysfunctional family set in the world of NASCAR." Since it comes from Foxworthy, we'll assume that unlike King of the Hill, this show is meant to be embraced by those it depicts. [Variety] · Ben Affleck will write, direct and star in the sexily titled The Town, in which he'll play a thief who falls in love with a bank manager. [Variety] · Sam Rockwell, Emma Roberts and Rob Corddry will star in The Winning Season, about a high school girls' basketball team. Yeah, we'd see that. [THR] · Football season means ESPN scores! Terminator isn't faring as well for Fox, however, despite the best efforts of Shirley Manson as its American Standard-issue flushable killing machine. [Variety] · Wall Street's pants-crapping directly affected entertainment media stocks, with the THR Showbiz 50 hitting its lowest point in a year. [THR]