Sean Hayes Is Back and Ready for (Gay) Action

Richard Lawson · 08/16/11 05:04PM

Jack from Will & Grace is working on a new TV show, about gay things. Also today: Jim Belushi is heading back to television, Bradley Cooper makes a wise decision, and there are too many Jeff Buckleys.

Game of Thrones Forever

Richard Lawson · 06/21/11 04:51PM

HBO's sword 'n' snow epic finished its first season in mighty fine form. Also today: Lots of casting news, from people as diverse as Griffin Dunne and Penn Badgley. Plus: Who will replace Elliot Stabler?

Five of the Most Patently Miserable Valentine's Day Songs, Ever

Foster Kamer · 02/14/10 04:30PM

This one's for the scorned lovers, the newly heartbroken for the first time, the newly heartbroken for the last time, the pissed off, depressed, overeating, oversmoking, stuck-in-bed-all-day, wretching, dry-heaving, sobbing-uncontrollably-in-public-places people for whom we must empathize.