Which Celebrities Would You Let Raise Your Kids?

Drew Magary · 03/30/12 02:26PM

If you have kids of your own, you know how insane it is when some famous idiot like Angelina Jolie is talking to a magazine and is like, "Oh, we all hang out at home together and watch movies in bed!" Of course you do. I'm sure flying to Cambodia to shoot ludicrous Louis Vuitton ads only takes five minutes out of your day. The rest is all dedicated to you and your 12,000 little ones.

The Big Lebowski's Stoner Cottage Is For Sale

Max Read · 07/25/11 11:31PM

Hello, Big Lebowski obsessives! Are you feeling unsatisfied with merely dressing up like your favorite characters from the Coen brothers' stoner-noir classic and attending conventions? Why not go a step further and live in the Dude's house? It's for sale!

Watch Jeff Bridges' SNL Promos with Fred Armisen

Matt Toder · 12/15/10 04:46PM

This weekend, Jeff Bridges will be hosting SNL to promote his two upcoming films Tron: Legacy and True Grit. And, since you know why he's there, one promo references Tron's graphics while another presents the Coen Brothers as hand puppets.

Tron Legacy: It's In the Computer?

Richard Lawson · 11/09/10 04:41PM

Here's a new trailer for Tron: Legacy, Disney's noise-and-light farquel (faraway sequel?) to their 1980s adventure about a hacker who gets stuck inside a computer system of his own making. A million years later, his son goes looking for him.

True Grit: No Country for Even Older Men

Richard Lawson · 10/04/10 11:34AM

Here's a trailer for Joel and Ethan Coen's upcoming adaptation of the famed Western revenge novel (which was turned into a famous John Wayne Oscar-winner), starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and some new girl who talks funny.

The Complete Guide to Winning Your Oscar Pool

Richard Lawson · 03/04/10 02:12PM

Hollywood's big gay Olympics are approaching, and the annoying "film buff" in your office is probably pestering you to enter his Oscar pool, which he's convinced he's going to win. We want you to beat the ittle nerd. Here's how!

Netflix Sunday Matinee: The Big Lebowski

Jessica Poolt · 02/21/10 01:30PM

The Big Lebowski is the tale of The Dude's odyssey through LA back allies and bowling lanes to rescue the wife of a rich Millionaire who vandalized and destroyed his rug after a case of mistaken identity.

'Major Blunder' at Fashion Week Forces Anna Wintour to Stand in a Line

Maureen O'Connor · 02/18/10 06:45AM

The blood of a thousand PR assistants runs through the streets after a frightful error leaves Wintour in the cold. Elin debates attending Tiger's press conference. Gabourey Sibide is so over Vanity Fair's all-white Young Hollywood issue. Thursday gossip ahoy!

Not Even the Na'vi Can Fight Puppy Love

Richard Lawson · 02/08/10 10:21AM

The biggest movie ever made was finally unseated in the top spot this weekend, by a swoony little romance picture no less. Will someone please go check on Jim Cameron to make sure he's OK?


cityfile · 01/12/10 10:18AM

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany walking with their kids and dog in the West Village ... Uma Thurman leaving her townhouse in the Village ... Katie Couric walking uptown ... Jeff Bridges leaving his hotel in Midtown ... Jessica Szohr filming scenes for Gossip Girl on the Upper East Side ... Matthew Broderick walking son James to school ... and George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis heading into Crimson after making an appearance at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.