Jealous Principal Snakes Her Way into Teen's Amazing Laser Cat Photo

Aleksander Chan · 09/30/14 08:26AM

Schenectady High School teen hero Draven Rodriguez petitioned to have a highly stylized photo of himself and his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, be included as his senior portrait in the school's yearbook. Instead, he took a second photo at the behest of the school principal that will run on her page and also include her dog, Vivienne.

10 of the Most Insane Offices You'll Ever See — and You'll Never Work In

The Coolist · 09/18/12 02:59PM

Let's face it — a cubicle, a humming fluorescent light and a square box office building can be creativity killers in the working world. Alternatively, work can be a beautiful thing when done in the right environment. If you're looking to break out of the traditional work place and discover something special, join us to explore ten offices that are amongst the most inspiring workplaces in the modern world. It'll make 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. some of the most enjoyable hours of your day…

Someone Wrote a Play About Jonathan Safran Foer!

Pareene · 03/25/08 11:01AM

From lovable Brooklynite novelist Jonathan "Safran" Foer (the hip one!) to New Republic editor Franklin Foer (he's the serious one!) to stunt-rememberer and baby brother Joshua Foer (he will come up with some way to bother us later!), everyone loves the Foer Brothers. Everyone except, apparently, playwright Itamar Moses, who has written a play about how much he hates his successful old band camp buddy Jonathan Safran Foer. Vanity Fair noticed that the two main characters in Moses's The Four of Us are quite a bit like Moses and Foer, as one is a mostly unknown playwright and the other is a ridiculously successful young novelist. There is some jealousy. Then Moses makes fun of Liev Schreiber!

John Fitzgerald Page Tells Off Internet Pussies One By One

Hamilton Nolan · 02/14/08 12:32PM

The Worst Person in the World, Atlanta online dater John Fitzgerald Page, is taking a two-pronged approach to preserving his terrible reputation: First, give asshole quotes to the press; then, get into long e-mail flame wars with anonymous online detractors. On the first count, JFP gave an interview to Penn's 34th St. Magazine explaining the origin of his downfall— some fat chick. "If she were hot, she'd be in Playboy; she'd be on the cover of Vogue; she'd be all over the news...I'm like, you want to fight me because I blew off a fat chick on" Ridiculous! And what about those e-mails? Below, the entirely too long, and kind of sad, angry correspondence over the past two days between JFP and some random guy.