White Guy Gets to the Bottom of that Fist Bump Thing

Hamilton Nolan · 11/19/12 05:06PM

When two black guys make fists and then bump their fists together and then say to one another, "Respec," with no "t" on the end: what is that all about? Middle-aged white Republican male Jay Nordlinger knows.

Why Is a National Review Writer Calling Immigrants 'Wetbacks'?

Max Read · 07/16/12 01:29PM

Everyone knows that conservative magazine National Review is not racist. Sure, it used to publish John "avoid concentrations of blacks" Derbyshire — but it's also treated race with sensitivity and restraint, as in this column about how President Obama isn't really black and this all-white symposium on black unemployment. So why is writer Jay Nordlinger using the ethnic slur "wetback" in his column today?

Neocon Can't Stand Democratic Hissing

Alex Carnevale · 11/09/08 09:00AM

The post-election issue of conservative rag National Review has nothing about Barack Obama's victory, having gone to press before this past week's election. This is a pity, but flipping through the print version of the venerable publication, you'll find some truly noxious points-of-view, the kinds of things NR doesn't trot out on its ever popular blog, The Corner. So it is with cultural critic Jay Nordlinger, who has decided that liberal "hissing" is a feature of the enemy.If you're not familiar with Nordlinger's usual anti-liberal ravings, you're missing the writings of an insane genius. Nordlinger believes liberals are something akin to the devil, and usually accuses them of being in league with Castro, Stalin or worse. And if you don't condemn atrocities constantly years after the fact like he does, you just don't care enough. (By the way, this is the guy who spends most of his time reviewing classical music for NR and other publications.) In this winning harangue against the liberal practice of hissing while in an audience, he fires one shell, over and over again: