The Last Days of Regis Philbin

Richard Lawson · 09/06/11 03:53PM

One of morningtime's most familiar faces will be gone in just a matter of weeks. Also today: a literary adaptation with some promise, Jay Mohr tries again, and the board game craze continues.

Angelina Jolie Hates the Sound of Her Own Voice

Maureen O'Connor · 05/06/11 10:41AM

Angelina Jolie is sick of listening to herself speak. Paris Hilton picks a fight with Lindsay Lohan. Penelope Cruz teaches a lesson on raunchy Spanish idioms. A famous person names his daughter "Mirabella Bunny." TGIFriday gossip.


cityfile · 03/19/09 11:14AM

Kelly Ripa jogging in Central Park ... Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr walking their dog ... Danny DeVito filming scenes for his new movie, When In Rome ... Michelle Williams walking with Matilda in Brooklyn ... Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts pushing son Alexander in a stroller in the West Village ... Jay Mohr carrying his dog in Midtown ... Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian leaving Owl Lab on East 12th Street ... and Josh Duhamel getting out of a cab in front of his hotel.

New Jay Mohr Sitcom Funnier Than Tourette's Humor

Seth Abramovitch · 05/14/08 08:14PM

· Here's your first glimpse at Jay Mohr's new CBS sitcom, Project Gary. Did that kid just say, "Tap it?" OMG! He did! LOL! [TV Week]
· People, for crying out loud, it's a picture of Curious George! It's not like he put "OBAMA in '08" underneath a picture of Chim-Chim from Speed Racer. Now that would have been racist. (And just plain mean.) [Boston Herald]
· It's the America's Next Top Model finale liveblog with the Jezebelers! But don't peek yet, 'cause they are three hours ahead. [Jezebel]
· Woody Allen: "Can I ask you what your favorite commandment is?"
Billy Graham: "Right now, it's Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother."
Woody: "Really? That's my least favorite commandment." [BoingBoing]
· Anne Heche is worth $34,840.93, says Anne Heche. [TMZ]

Action now

Gawker · 12/30/02 01:15PM

13.30: One last chance to catch Action, in which Jay Mohr reprises the Hollywood monster he played in Jerry Maguire. Action died after a single season, but Trio channel 102 on TimeWarner Cable is running the 1999 series back-to-back this afternoon. Starts now.
Schedule for 30/12/02 [Trio]