Jay From Serial Speaks, Gives New Timeline of Hae Min Lee's Murder

Aleksander Chan · 12/29/14 06:14PM

As previously promised, Baltimore County's key witness in their case that led to the conviction of Adnan Syed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee finally spoke to the media on-record about his role in the day Lee was killed in 1999—just not with Serial, the podcast that documented his elusiveness and problematic account of the day.

Jay From Serial Is Apparently Ready to Talk 

Aleksander Chan · 12/26/14 01:31PM

A man purporting to be Jay—Baltimore County's star witness in their case against Adnan Syed for the 1999 killing of Hae Min Lee, and whose slippery narrative of the day was documented in detail by the podcast Serial—has posted to his Facebook page that he's ready to talk.

Your Guide to Passive-Aggressively Sharing This New York Times Article About How Cohabiting Sucks

Adrian Chen · 04/16/12 12:09PM

Hey, young cohabiting couples: An article in Sunday's New York Times says you're all doomed to fail. Unsurprisingly, this is currently the most-shared thing on their website. But this is one of those articles you can't just share willy-nilly, as the passive-aggressive message conveyed by the act of sharing is actually more important than the content of the article itself.