Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/08/10 06:25AM

David Bowie turns 63 today. Fashion designer Carolina Herrera is turning 71. Everyone's favorite British theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, is 68. Robert Kelly (or R. Kelly to you and me) is turning 43. Sean Paul is 37. Baseball players Jason Giambi and Carl Pavano are 39 and 34, respectively. Actress Sarah Polley is 31. Wolfgang Puck is turning 61. DJ Clue is 35. Susan Berresford turns 67. Composer David Lang is 53. And legendary game show host Bob Eubanks turns 72 today. A few weekend birthdays are below.

Jason Giambi

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:38PM

Jason Giambi was the muscle-bound, hard-slugging, steroid-fueled first baseman/designated hitter for the New York Yankees from 2002 to 2008. He's since been traded to the Oakland A's and subsequently the Colorado Rockies.

De-Coding Musto & Sam Champion

Gawker · 01/08/03 01:40PM

The 646 Guy has taken a shot at a few of Musto's blind items. To Musto's question, "is it true about the weatherman and the baseball player?" he responds, "I dunno but can I watch? I'm going with (predictably) Sam Champion as the weatherman (although I wouldn't mind it being John Marshall from Channel 4 and I'm pretty certain it's not Al Roker). As for the baseball player, I could be trite and say Mike Piazza but I won't. I'm going to go with Jason Giambi just because I'm pretty damn sure it can't be him but a man has to dream."