Jason Beghe's Anti-Scientology Video Cancelled In YouTube's Area

Ryan Tate · 04/17/08 08:21PM

The Church of Scientology scored another victory on Google's YouTube, where administrators suspended the account of the church critic who recently posted a video interview with actor and former Scientologist Jason Beghe. The effect of the suspension is to break embedded copies of the video on sites like Gawker and to help muffle Beghe's criticism of the cult as financially and emotionally exploitive. At the moment, one other copy of the interview exists on YouTube, uploaded yesterday, but it's unclear how long that copy will live. After the jump, Gawker's own copy of the Beghe video, a video posted to YouTube about the account suspension, and comments from a tipster who thinks the suspension will be as temporary as YouTube's January yanking of Tom Cruise's Scientology indoctrination video.

Scientology Defector Jason Beghe: 'I'm Clear As A Fucking Bell'

Molly Friedman · 04/16/08 01:45PM

Ex-scientologist Jason Beghe, an actor you probably don't remember from CSI and Numb3rs, posted a somewhat horrifying rant on YouTube yesterday in which he demonstrates just how crazy the religion can make someone, even after they've escaped its clutches. After spouting venom-laced theories involving "theta traps" and "reactive minds," Beghe tells us that Scientologists think they're "fucking doing something to save the planet." And in an interview with the Village Voice last week, he divulges yet more allegations about Tom Cruise's involvement, and has a warning for Will Smith:

Celebrity Ex-Scientologist: "Let Will Smith Know That His Shit Was Fucking Recorded"

Ryan Tate · 04/16/08 01:29AM

Jason Beghe, the television and film actor starring in a blunt video about his Scientology days, has begun a media campaign to spread what he knows about the cult, and his latest salvo is a Village Voice interview in which he calls the Church of Scientology a "gossip factory" and says that it tapes all of its auditing sessions using secret cameras. "He's been cheating on his wife," he was told of one actor he wanted to cast in a recruiting video. He also has some dirt on Tom Cruise: