This Is a Commercial That Stars a Digestive System Mascot

Matt Cherette · 10/26/10 12:26PM

Here's a commercial for Yakult, a Japanese (natch) probiotic yogurt drink. Yakult's motto is, "When you love your digestive system, it will love you back." Literally. You see, that cute little pink companion thingy? It's your digestive system! Watch inside.

Hot Japanese Girl Drives Super-Fast Train

Matt Cherette · 08/04/10 01:07PM

What's better than a video of an attractive Japanese girl? A video of an attractive Japanese girl who also happens to conduct a train on Japan's high-speed rail system, Shinkansen! Watch as she revs things up to a cool 270km/h.

Your Japanese WTF Video of the Day

Matt Cherette · 07/22/10 11:55AM

Japan is so weird! Seriously. Well, not everything about Japan is weird, but some of their commercials/viral videos sure are—like this one, which appears to be a commercial for green tea that... makes you grow boobs? Video inside.

Japanese Utilize Every Part of the Baby With the Baby Mop

Mike Byhoff · 12/08/09 09:18AM

This is really a product that was begging to be made. Your baby is dirty. It crawls around, babylike, tracking dirt all over the floor. Why not turn that smelly, crawling, crying mess into a mop? Mother's little helper, indeed.