Brandon Holley Asks 'Jane' Readers to Move On

Jessica · 11/18/05 07:31AM

After all the stink we made about uber-editor Jane Pratt leaving Jane and being replaced by Brandon Holley, we still didn't really care enough to follow up and see how the "new" Jane would look (adult ADD, man). So we picked up the January issue the other day, and maybe it's too soon to tell, but we're not detecting any major differences, other than wee aesthetic ones, under Holley's reign. We did, however, notice an interesting little sidebar on the letters page, which was for the November issue (and Pratt's last):

Brandon Holley Revives Neon Palette

Jessica · 09/28/05 02:51PM

So, uh, what the hell is going on over at Jane? Okay, what with Hurricane Zed and DeLay being indicted and Britney's new baby, we're sure the state of affairs at the girly mag is hardly at the top of your mind. But maybe it should be! After all, Keith "Mad Dog" Kelly confirmed our earlier report that since Jane Pratt stepped down from the helm at her semi-glossy brainchild, the Fairchild title has been melting off its staff like the fat on Star Jones. Speaking from Milan, new Jane EIC Brandon Holley comments that the recent departures (including managing editor Debbie McHugh) are normal for any regime change, and notes that new editors have already signed on.

Sassy's 10-Year Period of Mourning

Jessica · 09/14/05 10:55AM

Who can spare more than 3000 words ruminating on a magazine, other than Spy, that died over 10 years ago? Why, Mediabistro, of course! Don't get us wrong: We lurved the now-defunct Sassy, the pages of which made a mini-legend of editor Jane Pratt and were later reincarnated in the shape of Jane. But 3000 words on Sassy, Jane, and the meaning of life as dictated by irreverent women's magazines strikes us as just a wee bit overindulgent.

Gossip Roundup: Mary-Kate Will Kick Your Ass

Jessica · 09/09/05 11:30AM

• This might be the most inconsequential gossip item ever, but still one of our favorites. After hearing that model May Anderson supposedly hit on her ex, David Katzenberg, Marlboro woman Mary-Kate Olsen was on a street corner, screaming into her cellphone, "I'll kill that fucking slut!" Awesome: What we wouldn't pay to see MK get violent. It'd be like watching a rabid squirrel decimate an acorn. [Page Six]
• As part of the Scientology Disaster Relief Action Special Thetan Squad, actor John Travolta gave massages to hurricane victims. Strapping, young, masculine hurricane victims, no doubt. [R&M (2nd item)]
• Actress and Coldplay groupie Gwyneth Paltrow continues to ride her high horse all over the damn place, claiming that she keeps a log of paparazzi incidents because of the danger posed to her fruity daughter. [Page Six]
• Former Jane editor Jane Pratt tells The Daily that the "She's So Jane" campaign to for new EIC Brandon Holley definitely wasn't her idea. No shit. [Lowdown (2nd to last)]
• Roger Friedman finally gets to write Fabian Basabe's name in his column, dies of pervy happiness. [Fox411 (bottom)]

Media Bubble: But Do the CBS Interns Approve?

Jesse · 08/18/05 01:00PM

• CBS News's search to save the Evening News hits a milestone: The network has started doing prototype episodes. [NYT]
• Should Jane become Brandon? If the advertisers have their way, yup. [WSJ]
• Jack Shafer stands up for the LES druggies. Because, damn it, someone's got to. [Slate]
The Washington Post gets new gossip columnists, and we get to hold onto our beloved, slutty big sister. [Washingtonian]

Wait, So Who's the New Editor of 'Jane'?

Jesse · 08/15/05 03:02PM

Are you confused about who will be filling Jane Pratt's shoes at her eponymous Fairchild Publications magazine? Then pick up a print copy of Fairchild's Women's Wear Daily, which today features a a whopping six full-page ads introducing the already-introduced new editor, Brandon Holley.

Brandon Holley Named New 'Jane' EIC

Jessica · 08/08/05 11:02AM

Oh, how quickly we replace the ones we love. Just weeks after Jane founder Jane Pratt announced her retirement, Fairchild has found a replacement. Ladies and ladies (okay, maybe 2 or 3 gents care), meet your new Jane editor, Ms. Brandon Holley. 38 years young, Holley comes from the top editorial throne of ELLEgirl and enjoys surfing, horesback riding, and drag racing in New Jersey. No, seriously — she's just that "Jane."

Didn't We Almost Have It All: Jane Pratt Steps Down

Jessica · 07/25/05 05:29PM

Relish this moment, for it may be one of the few displays of genuine emotion you will ever see on Gawker: We are very sad — nay, heartbroken — to learn that Jane Pratt, the one-woman roadshow behind Jane magazine and the founder of the truly fantastic Sassy, is stepping down from her editorial throne. Say what you will about the magazine's mixed messages (in her most recent letter from the editor, Pratt herself acknowledged that some skanky cover girl choices were a matter of making money), but Jane was the one women's magazine that didn't consistently inspire self-loathing. In fact, we always felt a hell of a lot better about ourselves after reading. And sure, whoever replaces Pratt (uh, we're available!) will no doubt carry her torch of awesomeness, but, well, it just won't be the same.