Jane Harman's Media Tour Gets Off to a Bad Start

John Cook · 04/21/09 05:43PM

Congresswoman Jane Harman took to the airwaves to defend herself against the charge that she conspired with a "suspected Israeli operative" to quash an espionage prosecution against former AIPAC employees. It didn't go so well.

Congresswoman Waddles Into Israeli Spy Storm

John Cook · 04/20/09 09:57AM

How many hot-buttons does the news that the NSA wiretapped Congresswoman Jane Harman involve? Let's count: 1) public corruption, 2) "Israel Lobby" espionage, 3) intelligence agencies spying on lawmakers and 4) Bush's hyper-politicization of everything.

Jon Stewart mocks Congress for discussing Second Life

Jackson West · 04/08/08 08:00PM

Pictured is a screen capture of the avatars assembled in Second Life for yesterday's last week's congressional hearing about virtual worlds. Why is congress giving Linden Lab the time of day? Terrorists, silly! According to Jane Harman, D-California, "Islamic militants are suspected of using Second Life, the Internet virtual world, to hunt for recruits and mimic real life terrorism." That's quite the bait to dangle in front of congress for free publicity, Linden Lab PR team! Full clip from the Daily Show after the jump.