Jane Fonda Once Fought a Bear

Ena Brdjanovic · 12/10/10 06:00PM

On Ellen, Jane Fonda recounted a Fonda vs. Wild-esque tale in which she was forced to confront a bear that had entered her New Mexico ranch. Aerobics is so 1987; is Survival Tips with Jane Fonda the new straight-to-DVD series?

Jane Fonda Workin' It Out at 72

Richard Lawson · 09/13/10 11:25AM

Vietnamese patriot Hanoi Jane Fonda was once the workout video queen of the 1980s. And now she's back! The two-time Oscar-winner is releasing a new video aimed at people in their golden years. Definitely better than Georgia Rule 2.

Lindsay Lohan to Become a Porn Star

Richard Lawson · 05/05/10 01:54PM

You know like become. She's playing one in a movie. Also today: Jane Fonda will be playing herself, the zombie TV show casts another actor, Tony Danza is becoming a high school English teacher, and Twilight newz.

Filmmakers Draw Dotted Line Across Toronto's Red Carpet over Israel

Richard Rushfield · 09/03/09 05:26PM

It's not an international film festival without an international filmmakers' protest, and the first one of the season kicked off today, as a star-studded list put their e-John Hancocks to a statement protesting the Toronto's Fest's "Spotlight on Tel Aviv."

Is Penelope Pregnant?

cityfile · 07/15/09 06:19AM

• Is Penelope Cruz with child? The only evidence seems to be that she looks a bit bigger these days, but if that's enough to convince you, feel free to pass the rumor on to everyone you know. [P6]
• Jesus Luz, Madonna's Brazilian model boyfriend, isn't happy that Madge has been spending time with her ex, and he's become "downright childlike" in his need for her constant attention. That might have something to do with the fact that he is a child, but whatever. [NYDN]
• Who says the love fades after 60? Jane Fonda is reportedly head over heels in love with her new boyfriend, music producer Richard Perry. And Robert Redford tied the knot with his younger German girlfriend over the weekend. [P6, People]

Britney, Brown, & The Arrival of Prince Harry

cityfile · 05/28/09 06:47AM

• A recent Elle photoshoot with Britney Spears turned out to be a bit messier than expected. [P6]
• A photographer has filed suit against Chris Brown. He's claiming the singer's bodyguards beat him up when he tried to take pics of Brown in March. [Us]
• Is Anthony Weiner engaged to Huma Abedin? [P6]
Jay-Z is supposedly in talks with Lyor Cohen to set up a new record label at Warner Music. [NYDN]
• Chace Crawford may be having a fling with 19-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg. [P6]
• Jane Fonda knows how to travel. She pretends she's injured so she can cruise through security in a wheelchair, apparently. [NYDN]
• Get ready: Prince Harry arrives in NYC tomorrow. [NYDN]

The Tuesday Party Report

cityfile · 05/19/09 03:55PM

An army of A-listers showed to last night's 69th annual American Ballet Theatre spring gala (and, if they were lucky, got a glimpse of Michelle Obama dressed in a black Alaia dress and Thakoon jacket). Among those in attendance: Anna Wintour, Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera, Chuck Schumer, Christine and Steve Schwarzman, David and Julia Koch, Caroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg, Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa, Ivanka Trump, Caryn and Jeff Zucker, Annette and Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Deborah Roberts, Lorne Michaels, Desiree Rogers, Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, Renee Zellweger, Sigourney Weaver, Tory Burch, Iman, Grace Hightower, Rachel Roy, Robbie Myers, Hamish Bowles, Renee Fleming, Lisa Perry, Muffie Potter Aston, Amanda Brooks, Peter and Jamee Gregory, Yvonne Force Villareal, Marina Rust Connor, Marjorie Gubelmann, Nina Griscom and Leonel Piraino, Karen and Richard LeFrak, Blaine Trump, Harry Evans, Hilary Rhoda, Coco Rocha, Mariska Hargitay, Lindsay Price, Kim Raver, Ruben Toledo and Isabel Toledo, Dree Hemingway, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, and Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos (left), a former dancer himself. [PMc, Wireimage, Style.com]

The Week in Theater: Hanoi Jane Invades Broadway

Richard Lawson · 03/13/09 03:09PM

This week has been dominated by finance and media critique, so why not flip the switch in your brain this weekend and go see a play or something. Or just read about some.

Why Rupert Murdoch Had Ted Turner Tailed

Ryan Tate · 11/10/08 04:03AM

Had Ted Turner's old rival Rupert Murdoch just issued an "autobiography" written by a former lieutenant, as Ted Turner has, one suspects it would not have been embraced so eagerly by sympathetic journalists at 60 Minutes, the Times, the Wall Street Journal and even AP, which meditated whimsically on the CNN founder's chapter titles. Maybe that's because the News Corporation chairman still enjoys the blood sport of media feuds in his old age, coordinating multi-outlet attacks on relative small fry like Keith Olbermann, while Turner is in the business of moving on — and making plenty of media friends in the process. He has forgiven Murdoch for what he suspects was the hiring of private investigators to prove him insane in the 1980s, as he explains in the attached 60 Minutes clip, and put behind him the loss of $7 billion, a devastating divorceand a bad prescription for Lithium.

Jane Fonda Teaches Heidi Montag How to Rock a Leotard

STV · 08/27/08 03:05PM

Tuesday's unnerving visit to the set of Sweatin' Your 15 Minutes Away, with Heidi Montag was accompanied by an even more debilitating ebb of confidence in popular culture to ever make us smile again. So imagine the overwhelming (if perhaps coincidental) sense of joy that came along with revisiting Jane Fonda's early-'80s workout-video heyday — a brain-exploding, pre-ironic throwback to an era when only two-time Oscar winners were entitled to such garish Lycra supremacy. Sam Sparro's anthem "Black and Gold" provides the mid-tempo counterpoint, the entirety of which can be observed at Vimeo; our brains are full. Grateful, but full. And does she ever hit the spot. [Vimeo]

Hollywood Forever: Long Live Jane Fonda's Boobs

T-RO · 08/04/08 06:45PM

Every group of friends has a Movie Nazi. You know this person: they buy the tickets a day in advance; they send the email two weeks beforehand, organizing everyone; they insist you get there at least a half hour early so you can get the best seats. You grumble, but in the end you are grateful for the Movie Nazi, especially when the movie event in question is at the Cinespia outdoor film series at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Follow along as we break down an evening spent with thousands of our closest friends for a screening of the '60s camp classic Barbarella.

Shouldn't They All Be Rewarded?

mr.guyball · 07/01/08 02:42AM

In honor of National Bikini Month, the boys at Entertainment Weekly have addressed themselves to the grueling task of selecting the 18 most iconic movie bikinis of all time. Undeniably, the bikini is the hardest working garment in show business. It must lift, separate and support women during tasks as varied as killing soviet spies and washing high performance automobiles. Truly it is the king of sportswear garments that are barely more than lingerie. Now, to the list!

Which Young Actress (Cough, Ellen Page, Cough) Dared To Blow Off The Advances Of Jane Fonda?

Molly Friedman · 04/11/08 01:50PM

Oh Ellen Page. First you send your "power lesbian" publicist into a tizzy defending your heterosexual honor, then you make a fool out of poor Jay Leno in his own house of belly laughs. Have you really moved on to shun the potty-mouthed legend that is Jane Fonda? One stripper-scripted indie hit on your resume does not entitle you to divadom quite yet. In a scathing NY Daily News blind item today, a "rising young actress" is reported to have brushed off Fonda's desire to meet her at a party with a curse-laden remark, and as our detective skills suggest after the jump, all signs point to Page as the catty star in question.

In Which Jane Fonda Used A Bad Word

Nick Denton · 02/15/08 05:48PM

Feminist icon Jane Fonda used the word "cunt" on the Today Show, rather than Oprah-approved vajayjay, and the moral guardians shuddered, but with less conviction than they once summoned. Swearwords found safety in numbers: John Edwards thinks Barack Obama is a "pussy"; and the likely Republican nominee, who survived years in a prisoner-of-war camp, is a "sissy", according to Salon. In preparation for a limp-wristed political future, 24 dumped its torture-loving creator. Sissy: not something one could say about Hayden Christensen, star of Doug Liman's new science-fiction movie, Jumper: he manfully squired co-star Rachel Bilson round Manhattan to establish his heterosexual credentials, but not so conclusively that female or gay fans would think him unavailable. (Amazingly, Madonna's new movie got better reviews.) Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman took the opposite tack, playing to male sapphic fantasies on the cover of W to promote their new movie, The Other Boleyn Sister. (We thought Scarjo looked more like a Slovak model.) Talking of pseudo-siblings, Julia Allison's 17-year-old "adopted" little sister, with whom the Star magazine talking head enjoyed posing, hooked up with Men's Vogue cad, Hud Morgan. There's a diagram. Even more complicated: the relationship between fashion designer Marc Jacobs, his boyfriend, and the gay porn star they've adopted. The New York Times adapted to these shallow times by splashing a game show, Deal or No Deal, across the front of its Arts section. But this belated populist appeal wasn't enough to staunch the loss of readers, and advertising: the Gray Lady is joining the Los Angeles Times and most every other newspaper in the US in cutting newsroom jobs. For these stories, and more, here's one page with the week's top stories. (Or just click on any of the names listed, above.)