Brandon Holley: Has A Job!

Choire · 12/18/07 11:30AM

Brandon Holley, the last editor that Jane magazine would ever see (so sad! Still feel that hole in our hearts), did get a job it turns out! She has been secretly (well to us, not to her) working at Yahoo as "executive producer, Yahoo Lifestyles." This means that she is, for one of her duties, the astrology editor, which surely is a great and hilarious thing to edit. Like: "Can you make this totally-invented thing seemingly more accurate?"

Emily Gould · 10/25/07 09:20AM

From the mailbag: "I overheard someone blabbing that [former Jane and Sassy editor] Jane Pratt is planning a pow-wow with her old staff this week. Only the ones who worked for her (not Brandon Holley) are invited (Debbie, Josh, Jeff, Jauretsi, Lori, Bill, Eric, Erin, Kenya, Annemarie, Johan, Stephanie, Gigi). I'm dying to know if this is just a friendly gathering or is Jane plotting something? An old Sassy reader can only hope." Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! Which makes Jane's last editor Brandon Holley, who we've also heard might be rallying the old troops towards some end or other, Madelyne Pryor?

Dina Lohan: "My Children And I Are In A Wonderful Place In Our Lives"

Emily Gould · 08/24/07 08:00AM
  • Hey, Dina Lohan, your daughter Lindsay's in rehab for the third time and you're being sued right and left and even your ex-con ex-husband is looking like a good parent compared to you. What do you have to say for yourself? ""My children and I are in a wonderful place in our lives, and people just want to make things up and see us fail!" To be fair, though, Cirque Lodge does seem like a pretty wonderful place. [24Sizzler]

Choire · 07/17/07 04:40PM

Eric Nicholson, former Jane editor and one-time America's Next Top Model judge, has just departed his job as senior editor at Marie Claire. He recently told Jane Pratt's radio show, reprinted in WWD, of his time at Hearst that "Yeah, it's definitely bigger and different. I wouldn't say better. My heart always will be at Jane magazine with you." That might have been the straw that broke the camel's back. According to one version of the story, editor Joanna Coles tossed the trade rag at him and ordered him out of the office. But hold on, drama queens. According to a Hearst spokesperson, he's leaving the magazine for a number of reasons, and any interactions, which were non-dramatic in nature, happened in a private room. We're sure he'll land on his very expensively-clad little feet. And we sure hope he gets all Atoosa for his second act!

Rumor: 'Jane' Magazine Folds

abalk · 07/09/07 10:43AM

Sad, if true, rumor: We're hearing that Jane magazine, which provided us so much joy with its coverage of boobs, has apparently folded. A call to Editor in Chief Brandon Holley resulted in our being informed that she was "in a meeting." Wonder what that might be about. UPDATE: The ad people just got back from a short meeting at which they were told the news. And as for the shuttering of the mag, Radar hears the same. UPDATE update: A friend hears from an employee: "It's done, everyone is packing up and has to be out today."

Brandon Holley's "Jane" Transformation Complete!

Emily Gould · 05/22/07 02:20PM

For the record, it was current Jane editor Brandon Holley who got hitched over the weekend in Virginia (update: actually, now we hear it was over last weekend) to musician John Deley, not Original Jane, AKA Jane Pratt, as "the gossip's gossip sheet" Jossip originally reported.

Conrad Black Even Swears Like Nixon

abalk2 · 05/21/07 09:20AM
  • In an interview with the Guardian, Conrad Black calls his fraud trial "bullshit" and announces that he's at war with the U.S. government. The paper also has an excerpt from Black's forthcoming biography of Richard Nixon, which praises the former president's "surpassing dignity." Read into that what you will. [Guardian]

User-Submitted Boobs Are Not Porn

Choire · 05/08/07 06:00PM
  • Jane mag's website: pioneering women's health education, crusading citizen journalism, or homemade amateur porn site? Maybe all three! Boobs! NSFW and porny kind of but also not? [Jane]

Jane's Boob Shoot Issue Racking Up Big Sales

Emily · 04/30/07 02:19PM

Shame on you, Mediaweek, for your indelicate and heavy-handed report on the success of Jane magazine's Breast Health Guide issue both in print and online. Did you really have to use so many played-out mammary puns? From the headline—"Jane's Boob Job Pumps Subs Online"—to the first paragraph— "Condé Nast's Jane is filling out its sub file with support from a spread on breasts in the May issue"—seriously, it's just so crass. "Online subs swelled"? Frankly, we're offended. Offended and titillated! Heh, we said 'tits,' sorta. Oh no, and now the floodgates are open and it's like our typing fingers are being controlled by the ghost of Russ Meyer! Swollen subs! Rock-hard nipples! Boobies! Jugs! Knockers! Hooters! MILKY FUNBAGS! OVERBLOWN TEATS SQUIRTING MILK INTO OUR GAPING MAWS!

Do We Owe 'Jane' A Boob Shoot Apology?

Emily · 04/24/07 02:32PM

We were so sad when we read Brandon Holley's editor's letter in the famous boob-containing new issue of Jane. (They took pictures of ladies' boobs!) "Unfortunately, someone on the list (yes, we know who you are) decided to circulate the names of these women — which we intended to keep anonymous — to a Web site," Brandon wrote. We're just "a Web site!" Sad already. Also, we thought it was sort of shady (but admirably deft!) the way Brandon glossed over the whole "we accidentally sent out a list of everyone's contact info, complete with phone numbers, to all boob shoot participants" aspect of events. Anyway, she continued: "The blogger bragged about having the list and threatened to print it once our issue was out. The idea was to embarrass our volunteers and make them worry about being scrutinized." Bragged! Threatened! We so did not!

Brooke "Belle" Parkhurst Might Have Some Big Apples, Or She Might Not

emily · 04/17/07 02:30PM

"A low-cut top helps me get my way. I use that more often than I'd like to admit," "Brooke, 28" tells Jane in their new Guide To Boobs. Here's her rack. Compare and contrast with that of one Brooke Parkhurst, the Belle of the Big Apple. Note that right-side mole! If our hunch is correct and those are her hooters, what a remarkable bit of Conde synergy from Brooke, who is the newly-appointed cooking/lifestyle video correspondent for Conde Nast's Elasticwaist.com.

The 'Jane' Guide To Boobs! BOOBS!

Emily Gould · 04/17/07 12:14PM

Hooray! It's finally here! As you recall, our own Intern Stephanie reported for us live from Jane magazine's boobtacular photo shoot, and now the day has arrived when you'll be able to guess which of the boobs are hers. (Hint: her name is "Stephanie.") After the jump, we've taken the feelings that these tittie-pix gave us and transformed them into art. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Top-Free activists, such pictures are still not considered safe for most works.

How Christina Kelly Changed Jane Pratt's Life

Emily · 04/04/07 03:10PM

You "love book reviews—sorry I cut down on them for a while; they're now back in full force," declared Jane editor Brandon Holley her April editor's letter. Conspicuously missing from the newly replumped book section, though, was a review of a book that seems like a natural fit for Jane's audience: How Sassy Changed My Life. That's Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer's "love letter" to the magazine that kicked off the careers of thousands of women's studies majors turned women's mag editorial assistants—and the career of one Jane Pratt, who served as the seminal teen mag's editor in chief at the tender age of 24. Nary a peep about this book in a magazine that still has Pratt's name on the masthead as "founding editor?"

Imogen Lloyd Webber Not Riding The Starlight Express

Emily · 03/23/07 04:50PM

What's the buzz in London right now? Well, as musical theater scion-hot Imogen Lloyd Webber reveals in the April issue of Jane, it's a drug called cocaine. When Imogen is out trying to enjoy the music of the night, she's often pressured to try it! "I'm a single twentysomething girl who is living the unattached life but has never once tried an illegal drug ... the white stuff seems to be hard for my friends to resist these days. They used to include me in their nightclub plans, until they saw that I couldn't keep up with their demented dancing and would object to being left alone during their repeated trips to the restroom. So now they rarely text me about their after-parties that go on through dawn, as they know I will have collapsed into bed long before, not having their secret energy formula coursing through my bloodstream." Still, though, Imogen might change her mind if the man she cared about enjoyed indulging in the white stuff, right? Love changes everything! Well, maybe not.

Jonathan Lethem Talks Down To 'Jane'

Emily Gould · 03/14/07 11:10AM

Our preferred Brooklyn Jonathan author chatted live with the ladies of the Jane magazine messageboards yesterday to promote his forthcoming book, You Don't Love Me Yet. His answers to their questions revealed a lot—about how dumb the questioners are. But it's okay! According to Jonathan, you don't have to go to college to be smart!

Jane: Now With 106 Fewer Breasts!

Emily Gould · 03/01/07 04:26PM

We are sad and sorry to report that the photoshoot for Jane's Guide to Boobs has, as of now, been canceled " due the inadvertent release of the list of participants," even though, as WWD reported this morning, only 4 of the amateur titmodels dropped out when the list went public. Does this mean that there will be no boob guide? We would be sadder still if this was so; we often find ourselves in dire need of boob guidance. And, well, $50.

The 'Jane' Guide To Boobs Shoot

Choire · 02/28/07 05:43PM

'Jane' mag is shooting for its May "Guide To Boobs" this coming weekend, as we heard, and they've selected 53 lucky young ladies to come in and get topless for 50 bucks a piece on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Noho Studios. (That's $50 each person, not each boob.) Unfortunately, they've sent out the list of participants to all the participants. It's just like the ladies room in there! They love to share. Anyway, there are more than a few Conde Nast girls on the list, a few local newspaper gals—including one nubile young photo editor— and a musician or two. Boobs a-plenty! Tell you what—we'll just hold on to this list and play mix and match later. You know, when we see the goods. Ooh, maybe on eBay?