Here's Video Footage of Colin Powell Dork-Dancing To Daft Punk

Camille Dodero · 08/26/13 06:30PM

As if these photos of Colin Powell cutting a rug—pursed lips conveying his boogie-woogie seriousness in one; hands-on-hips stance indicating he may be contemplating a hernia-inducing squat dance in another—weren't uncomfortable enough, now we have approximately 20 digital-video seconds of the former secretary of state grooving out to a Daft Punk song about staying up all night for the nookie. Also, included: Pharrell's croon, Katie Holmes Doing the Shoulders, and a full-club karaoke singalong. The Hamptons will embarrass you every time.

Sandra Bullock in Talks to Play Miss Hannigan in Jay-Z's Annie

Caity Weaver · 06/13/13 06:00PM

America adores Sandra Bullock. No matter how many bombs she lobs at our box offices, no matter how many hitchhikers she drops bloodied and bruised on our dusty country roads, no matter how many Canadian dimes she plops in our tip jars, America adores her. For her next trick, Sandra Bullock will be get drunk and scream at a 9-year-old orphan that nobody loves her. America's going to adore it.

The Walken Dead and Toe-bias Fünke: A Punny Collection of Hanksy Street Art

Maggie Lange · 03/27/13 12:30PM

Purveyor of celebrity-themed puns and hybrid creatures, street artist Hanksy has adorned Los Angeles with yet another creative cast of characters. As a sort of antithesis to the serious sanctimoniousness of some street art, Hanksy prefers to make jokes that involve Will Ferrell Cats or Nicolas Cage Against the Machine.

Did Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Separate, Or Not?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/24/11 11:04AM

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett enter a Ring Cycle of divorce rumors. Jane Lynch was a NyQuil addict. Miley Cyrus' weird goth brother knocks up a Disney star. Clark Gable's grandson is criminally annoying with a laser pointer. Wednesday gossip sleeps around.

The Quentin Tarantino Toe-Sucking Sex Email That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Maureen O'Connor · 06/28/11 06:15PM

A young woman who works in show business emailed 15 friends last week with a tale about meeting director Quentin Tarantino at a party. She made out with him, took sexy pictures in a photo booth, and watched him whip out his "short," "fat," "nub-like" penis. She then had foot fetish quasi-sex with him, she claims.

Watch Jamie Foxx and will.i.am's Horrible American Idol Performance

Matt Cherette · 03/31/11 08:45PM

Tonight's American Idol results show—aside from the actual eliminations—was all about food, apparently! First, Fantasia performed "Collard Greens and Cornbread." Then, Jamie Foxx and will.i.am struggled through a rendition of "Hot Wings," from their upcoming film, Rio.

Which Actors Do You Irrationally Hate?

Brian Moylan · 01/19/11 04:34PM

Disgust welled up in me the other night when watching the Golden Globes. When Robert De Niro walked on stage to accept his award I let out a groan. Man, do I hate him. And he's not the only actor.

Jamie Foxx To Exact Sketch Comedy Revenge On Us All

Richard Lawson · 09/01/10 03:35PM

We really should have gone to see Law Abiding Citizen! We really should have. Also today: Somehow a young filmmaker gets his shot, casting news for two Showtime shows, and renewal news for two TNT series.

American Idol: Dueling Duets

Richard Lawson · 05/12/10 12:58PM

The final four sang for their suppers last night and boy was it mediocre. Just really, really kinda OK. It had its high-ish points and its low-ish ones too, but mostly it was just extremely aight.