Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/06/09 07:12AM

Zach Braff turns 34 today. Hilary Rhoda is turning 22. Paul Rudd is 40. Tim Hasselbeck, the former NFL quarterback and husband of Elisabeth, is turning 31. Marilu Henner is 57. Filmmaker Barry Levinson is turning 67. HBO exec Sheila Nevins is 70. Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James Watson turns 81. Makeup artist Tim Quinn is turning 49. Soft-core cable access queen Robin Byrd is turning 52. And Candace Cameron, who you may remember as DJ Tanner from Full House, is 33.

Checking In With Tina

Pareene · 04/01/08 03:30PM

Former magazine queen and current who knows Tina Brown had jury duty! Under the name "Christina Evans"! Also, she is writing a book about Hillary Clinton (did you hear?) and she thinks racist old molecular biologist James Watson is "very funny." Make sure to stop by and see her in Cincinnati next Monday! [Enquirer]

Racist, Sexist Old Prick Resigns From Lab

Pareene · 10/25/07 02:22PM

James Watson, the respected biologist who won the Nobel Prize for taking credit for his friend's breakthrough work stealing the concept of DNA's double-helix structure from a lady-scientist, has resigned his Chancellorship of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island following comments he made about how black people aren't very smart, though they are much better in bed and also they drive like this.